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Boreholes attracting Tourists in Uganda-Uganda safari News

muzunguUganda has a lot of tourist attractions which have attracted many tours in Uganda. These include National parks with animals like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, zebras, giraffes, Uganda museum, Equator and so many. These have therefore attracted many safaris in Uganda.

However the boreholes have also attracted many tourists for safari visits to Uganda. This is because visitors wonder this source of water as they are used to only the taps. They also try pumping water from this unique water source which makes them happy as they are on their Uganda visits.

On the other side, the Africans also become happy as they see the tourists pumping water and they all gather around to see tourists. This is an interesting experience to the travelers as they are on their Uganda safaris since it gives them a story to tell to their friends and family as they go back to their home countries. This promotes more safari visits in Uganda since the tourists tell the rest about the beauty of Uganda hence attracting them to come for safaris in Uganda.

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