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Nile Crocodiles also referred to as Crocodylus niloticus are remarkable water based creatures that always astonish the travelers on Safaris in Uganda Africa.

They are recorded to be the world’s second largest reptile after the Salt water crocodile. The Nile crocodile thrives across the Sub Saharan Africa including the destination Uganda making it a popular Uganda Safari product.  Its habitats include; Lakes, Rivers and marshlands. And although they thrive in saline environments, the Nile crocodiles hardly live in Salt water.

Nile Crocodiles are huge animal species with males weighing 225 – 750 kg and extending between 3.5 – 5 m in length. Sexual differences are noticeable among the Nile Crocodiles and females are 30% smaller than the male counterparts.

The Nile Crocodiles are known among all species of crocodiles as the most aggressive because it can capture any animal within its reach as often explored on East African Safaris and tours.  Being an Apex predator, the Nile crocodile has an advantage over a range of animal species. Their prey include; mammals, birds, fish and other reptiles.

They are ambush predators and can wait patiently for hours, days and even weeks for that ideal moment to launch an attack. Nile Crocodiles utilize their powerful bite that is not common among other animal species. Their sharp conical teeth are inserted into the fresh exerting very firm grip that is hard to let go. Their capacity to possess an extended force enables them to eventually pull even the powerful prey under water. Such amazing experiences are common during the Great Migration as Millions of Wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of Zebras cross the crocodile infested Mara River and travelers on Safari in Tanzania and Kenya during this period are rewarded with lasting memories!

Nile crocodiles are known to be social creatures that normally share basking spots and large food sources. The size determines the hierarchy of administration putting the male adults on top gaining access to better basking spots and food. The respective members understand their positions in the hierarchy which they follow or else bloody clashes cannot be avoided.

The female Nile crocodiles attain sexual maturity between 12 – 16 years and lay eggs within 1 – 2 months after mating. The hatchlings feed themselves but are protected by both parents.

On safari in Uganda, one can expect to view the Nile crocodiles along the River Nile launch cruise in Murchison Falls National Park, Kazinga Channel launch cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda and in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda.   In the conservation world, the Nile crocodiles are listed as species of Least Concern on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature

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