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British airways now a bygone at Entebbe international airport

british air waysThe National Carrier of the United Kingdom call it Britain was notably among the significant airlines that used to land on the Entebbe International Airport enabling a range of world travelers including those on safaris to Uganda to connect to Entebbe and back before it closed its operation along the route London Heath-row on the 3rd of October 2015.
The British Airways cited the unprofitability of the route and noted that its services along the mentioned route were no longer commercially viable. This formed the background of the route closure. The travelers that had booked their flights with the carrier beyond the date of closure were refunded fully their travel fare as they had to seek alternative means to connect to their respective destinations among which were those traveling to take safaris in Uganda.
The British Airways like any other carrier always undertakes route evaluation and if the results are not favoring, hard decisions had to be taken such as the one of putting the Entebbe route to an end. The Airline promised a continuous assessment of the route and if the profitability emerges, it will have to revive the route.
The moment of seeing the British Airways depart the Entebbe International Airport for the last time was not an easy one not only to the Airport management but also to the carrier service providers like the ground handlers, the travel agents and the passengers themselves who had committed themselves to traveling with it for the rest of their travel days while flying the very route.
Nevertheless, Entebbe International Airport maintained its normal operations and a range of world carriers are continuing to land and pick passengers from it thus presenting an alternative to the world travelers traveling to Uganda including those coming for Uganda safaris.
Entebbe International Airport continues to register an increment in the passenger arrivals with an 8.5% rise in the year 2013. This increase in the passenger flow has inspired the expansion of the Airport and the President Museveni himself has already broken the ground for the project. The expansion project will features expansion of the terminal, the cargo area, the fuel farm, the multi-storey car park among others which will make the Airport classic and attractive to land on to the world travelers including those that will be undertaking Uganda tours.

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