Member Present

  1. Makanga Samuel –Managing Director
  2. Makanga Cate – CEO
  3. Siima Simon Peter – Manager
  4. Talemwa Robert – Staff
  5. Kawuki Martin – Staff
  6. Nabirye Sandra – Staff
  7. Ssekandi Elvis – Staff
  8. Amagoro Sharon – Staff
  9. Kakete Samuel – Staff
  10. Bujingo Joseph – Staff
  11. Matovu Crispin – Staff


  • Opening Prayer
  • Communication from the company Manager
  • Communication from the CEO
  • Communication from the Managing Director
  • Reaction from the Audience
  • AOB
  • Closing Prayer

1.0- Opening Prayer

  • The opening prayer was said by Ssekandi Elvis

2.0 – Communication from the Company Manager

  • We are close to the middle of the year and there are achievements that are visible however, we need to come up with something better.
  • He congratulated everyone that made it to the permanent office, “It was a dream but now its reality so I would like to appreciate the directors for making it a reality”.
  • We have been in the establishment process this month; people have been copping up with the new place, though we have trouble with mobility, and eating however people have devised means to survive.
  • He advised those staying far to get houses within or close to the premises so they don’t get trouble in traveling on a daily or even during emergencies.
  • He asked staff to set the trend for 2019, be cooperative and make it productive. “We regret where we have not performed, faulted and failed to achieve. We commit ourselves that we shall be better”
  • He called upon staff to put up issues that need to be worked on.

3.0 Communication from the CEO

3.1 Greetings and appreciation

  • She greeted staff and congratulated the staff upon completing the first quarter of the year.
  • She also welcomed them to the new office premises as well as thanked the director for moving to the new place even with limited resources. “it was set so we feel comfortable though some haven’t been finished but at end of year all will be done.
  • She appreciated efforts for those that took time and helped during the shifting. The efforts were not taken for granted.

3.2 Team Work and care for office items

  • She encouraged people to be a team because as a team, it’s easy to ensure all is in order.
  1. We should all care about the office for example watch out on the security lights upon arrival.
  2. Be mindful of waste, close windows, draw curtains, organize your table and switch off the office lights as well especially those that leave last.
  3. Mind about water, washrooms and everything because they are for all of us.

3.3 Personal Conduct

  • She urged staff to respect their superiors and peers as well. E.g. you can’t by pass your father without greeting him or saying hullo. So we need to greet others normally not by signals like Joseph Bujingo does. We need to differentiate between our superiors and our peers.

3.4 Recap of the previous meeting

  1. Dedication to work
  • Be dedicated to everything you do. We need to set goals and take every day special because if you don’t make it, it will be you wasting time at the end of the day. Wasting time will not make you an achiever so you will automatically belong nowhere.
  1. Office fortnight meetings have to take place
  • She requested Simon to check on this so it happens
  1. Phone destruction
  • She noticed phone destruction among people during office time and requested Mr. Makanga to check this habit and put it to a stop. E.g. People update their status during office hours.
  • She urged the staff to use office lines not their personal lines because they are destruction during office time.
  1. Time Management
  • She reminded staff that 8am is start of work not the arrival time. People had this habit at the old office but have still carried it on even here.
  • She said they are going to instruct the gate mam to close the gate at a certain time because orientation is over and we need to mean business as well as tighten our belts.
  1. Extra efforts to better ourselves
  • She said it’s absurd on the way some of the staff responds to emails especially to the monitoring team. She emphasized that this must stop because there is no special person here. “People who hate advice are bad”. She wondered why people have hard habits to the extent that they answer badly an email even when their boss is going to read it. “If you can tolerate, match out especially if you can’t be advised.
  • Take an extra initiative as a person to better yourself because we won’t tolerate mediocakery.
  1. Guides meetings
  • Guides need to be met so certain issues are talked about e.g. lodges since they are the people in the field. She asked Simon to listen to the clients grievances.
  • It was discussed in the End of year meeting so people concerned have to make a program for them.
  • Simon was told to brief the guides with Elvis so he learns how to do it. “He will keep consulting you yet he can do it”.
  1. Meals
  • She said there has been a challenge of getting someone to cook for staff. She has contacted and interviewed several chefs but many were beyond 700000 which are expensive. However, she promised that she will have a person by the first week of June.
  1. Personal targets
  • She requested people to put something a side for personal development because things can change for the worst.
  1. Praying
  • She remained staff to enforce office prayers and get a Rota to manage it. “Prayer is healthy, it is better when people come together than an individual. Whem we pray together, it means they are many hearts that have prayed. We need to break the ice amongst us because when this job closes, what will happen next? So it is important we dedicated prayer for office.”
  • We have achieved a lot from Prime so we need to pray for the achievement and for the company to survive because it is important to bless our work so things can happen. Pray for the safety of your machines from hackers, pray for bad energy and your parents. No one is greater than God.
  • She assigned Samuel Kakete to be in charge.
  1. Smartness
  • The Staff should observe smartness throughout the week especially on Friday and Saturday.
  • She emphasized that uniform days should be strictly black and Khaki with the office uniform and everyone must ensure they have tucked in. “Let’s appear smart so we print a good image of where we work from”.
  • No shorts are allowed at work for both sexes be it weekend. “Let’s dress up appropriately for work”.

3.5 Conclusion

  • Don’t abuse people, keep a good image, and greet people because they may help you in future including the maids. – She gave a story of the gateman
  • Many people call management regarding recommendation, they have received several calls about people that have passed through prime. However, she promised that she won’t be recommend anyone if they are not good.
  • She also encouraged the company manager to criticize those that do wrong.
  • She called off her communication and invited the Company Director; Mr. Makanga Samuel.

4.0 Communication from the Managing Director

4.1 Greeting the staff

  • He greeted staff using English and Luganda but he requested that Luganda takes lead.
  • He thanked members for all they do because they add something to prime safaris. However, staff should not think they are the only workers that have worked for the company because even without them the company will go forward. He stressed that staff should do things that will make them stay.
  • “Let’s work or do what takes the company forward. Bible says God bless the work of our hands”. People should note that money they have not worked for has no blessing. He therefore urged staff to focus and do those that make them earn so they get blessed.

4.2 Applauded some staff

  1. Robert
  • He acknowledged Robert for working for the company painlessly and at any time. He is available every time you need him, be it at night, during public holidays, etc.
  1. Simon
  • He thanked Simon in a special way for his efforts toward company work.
  1. Martin
  • Martin was thanked for working well in his department. Even if he is a Diploma holder, he works better than those with degrees. He ensures there is no money given out when it can be saved in a way.
  1. Robert & Martin
  • He thanked Robert and Martin for this building because they have been involved in everything from the start including clearing for everything that has been brought from abroad. They will be applauded more at a later day when thanking God.
  1. Robert & Simon
  • He recognized Simon and Robert for successfully running the surveys in the field. They were hectic but these two managed to accomplish all the difficulties and this was a great job.
  1. Other staff

For the rest, he said he is proud of the right they do.

4.3 Story about the new place

  • He thanked God that we are here. He told us story about certain plot of land they had somewhere that they wanted to use to build their house however, they used it to start prime and he did everything possible to see that the company succeeds.
  • 15 years ago, he payed a check for this place and promised to do everything possible to build a flat with an office. He later got an architect to draw a plan however this took a whole year. ”We give God the Glory” he said.

4.4 Office premises

  • He said we are now in a bigger place but staff people must respect limitations. The staff was restricted to using the smaller gate and not the big/main gate. This is because the machine that operates that gate is expensive so opening and closing it all the time is not good.
  • The staff was also restricted from using the pathway that runs through the grass unless sent. This is so because there is need for grass can grow well. They were told to use the main car route to and from office.

4.5 The office

  • He said that the office is strictly for people that seat inside it to work. Other people entering office should come in on invite. All non-office people must not enter office including guides. All meetings should be at the lobby.
  • Makanga’s office is out of bounds to the rest unless invited apart from Mrs. Makanga.
  1. Cabins
  • Cabins will be allocated to respective people so don’t touch what was not allocated to you.
  • Don’t disorganize what was given to you because confidentiality is crucial.
  1. Electricity
  • He said it is expensive to run the house because it is big especially when it comes to electricity. E.g If not careful we can use 360,000/- a day that’s why it is 90% on solar
  1. Computers
  • People must switch off their Pcs well including the sockets and cover them well.
  1. Water
  • People should note that 60% of the building is run on manmade well and not national water. He requested people not to waste water.
  • He also said there will be no water loss since the building is not run by National water but in case of anything, contact madam and Robert.
  1. Toilet use
  • He has observed that people frequently go to the toilet and these wastes a lot of water. He advised staff that an organized person goes to the toilet twice a day. He therefore requested people to have it in their conscience and manage it.
  • He taught people how to use the shutterff to clean them well.
  • People should endeavor to dry the sinks after use as well as leave it clean because it’s used by both boys and guys.
  • He stressed that if the misuse of toilet continues, it will be closed and people will be sent to the latrines outside in the other plot.
  • People should ensure there is tissue, disinfectants and all cleaning things needed.
  1. AC
  • If there is need for AC in office, request management to for the remote and be taught how to use it.
  1. Drawers
  • There will be distribution of drawers to particular individuals with a key however; the drawers will be used to keep staff phones during working hours.
  • The upper drawer was allocated to the office radio however, it should not be abused. He said that will be controlled by one person (Simon) but it shouldn’t be abused.
  1. Gadgets
  • He stressed that phones shall be under lock during office hours and out during breaks and after the official working hours. i.e. During break time 10:30am – 11:00am, 1:00pm – 2:00pm and after 6pm.
  1. Photocopier
  • We are yet to get a commercial photocopier that records everything however, the printing rights shouldn’t be abused.
  1. Office screen
  • The director said there is a provision for the office screen though he promised to only place it there if there is discipline in office. And if it comes, staff should use it well by watching useful videos and channels like National geographic etc.
  1. Kitchen & dinning
  • Staff should note that cupboards are not for all, they should only be used by one person and that is the welfare.
  • He instructed that people should tentatively use the drawers near the fridge for their eats.
  • Management is still thinking about connecting gas to the cooker however, they need to install the fire extinguisher first.
  • Everything concerning eating should be done at the dinning and not office.
  • They will improvise long stools on the serving table for the extra people (those that don’t get space on the dinning) so everyone is comfortable.
  • Cleaning the kitchen area is ours.
  1. Fridge
  • He said the fridge is our and we are free to use it for our own and eats drinks
  1. Food
  • We are to provide for ourselves food and sauce, serve ourselves and as well as wash our own utencils.
  • He also advised that guides coming back from safari with empty vehicles should bring us food and the management will pay for it. This is because their goal is for us to work in comfort however, we shouldn’t waste the privileges. He further said after all that, the only we can pay back is by working hard.
  1. Cameras
  • There are cameras everywhere on the office floor and they zoom 100% on the PC. He urged staff use them where need be especially if they want to play something. Contact Mrs. Makanga to help you out.
  1. Shoe Rack
  • There will be a rack placed outside for our outside shoes. He also pledged to provide office shoes for everyone in office so they are comfortable and work when they are ok.
  1. Lobby
  • Seats are going to be placed at the lobby for visitors however; they are not a dining table nor are they for relaxing and sleeping. Staff should only use them for meetings and chilling.
  1. Swimming pool
  • He said the swimming pool is open to the staff on Saturday afternoons. If anyone is interested in swimming, they should use the outside bathroom and keep to only that area.

4.6 Security

  • They will place a phone at the gate for David so people call office when they are still at the gate.

4.7 Work

  • He told staff that he had a lot of expectations in this quarter. He said this year is going to be a serious year of work so we need to be serious and he promised staff that this year will eliminate those that don’t qualify.
  • He expects to have people that are up to the task. So people should synchronize their brains with what they are going to do so they achieve because we are taking Prime to another level.
  • He promised to invest more in technology so we work using a system that not depend on humans.

4.8 Monitoring Team

  • He told staff that is under the monitoring team that these people were put in place so we can be better. Therefore those concerned should start changing their attitude and negativity then.
  • In this quarter, he has been monitoring the way people have been responding to the monitoring team and he has realized people team up and say “don’t do”, “don’t allow”, “you can’t work overtime, lets abuse etc. “We are tired of bad manners” said Mr. Makanga. He therefore urged people to stop bad manners and stop speaking rubbish.
  1. Monitoring End of month report
  • The monitoring team commended IT1 for good creativity however; he is a bit resistant to implementing what he has been told though there is a noticed change. 1T1; Joseph was also requested to help IT2; Samuel by the monitoring team.
  • IT2 is responsive but takes long to implement. His websites are all looking the same, there is no addition, no creativity and uniqueness etc.
  • The team said Reservations 2 needs to work on her grammar and sites.
  • They said reservations 3s’ have displayed results so her work is good.

2.1T team

  • The IT persons Joseph and Samuel were advised not to by-pass the system that has been put in place. E.g. Samuel tried to create a private user in the system so he puts himself out of the system. He was promised to be taken to prison of he did it again. “Don’t risk” Mr. Makanga said.
  • He even told a story about Aine; one of the old workers about the same deeds.
  1. Internet and other computer problems
  • He asked the IT to communicate with Aaron every time it gets slow or off. It should either be by call or by email because he is the company administrator.

4.9 Misconduct

  • He told staff that they have been quiet about people’s bad manners for quite long but now is the time to put it to a stop.
  • He said it is not good to by-pass a person without saying hy because he believes people were raised. He told staff that it’s not the boss to greet them first and they should respect their age.

-E.g. He sometimes calls Bujingo Joseph and Sharon but they don’t respond well on phone.

-Bujingo doesn’t also respect people he is talking to, he doesn’t fear talking to his boss while pocketing, and he also greets using signs.

-He urged staff to also greet other people they come across even if they don’t work with us e.g. Bujingo left office one time and but passed mummy Sandra without greeting her.

  • He applauded Simon for being a humble; he said it is hard for Simon to by-pass a person without greeting them. He used a parable “When you go to a place, do as they do”.
  • He said insubordination is misconduct and it will lead to loss of job. He promised people that they will be flushed once so he requested the wise not to be tempted.
  • He told people that no one is special because it’s not them that make the company survive. He said even when Simon doesn’t confirm a safari, the company still moves on. He said he has also ever done what we are doing so nothing is new to him. He one time used to reserve permits, promote, answer inquiries until he got Robert to help.
  1. Character
  • He told staff that having a good character is good. “Character will take you to places” he said. He gave an example of Robert; he was applauded by Mr. Mukulas of UBOS doing a great job yet he just has a diploma.
  1. Information leakage
  • He said got several rumors from his guides (names withheld) about a funny relationship that’s going on for Arshely Brian and one of the girls in office. He requested that people read their contract condition numbered 5 and 7.
  • He cautioned people who are tired of the company to leave immediately because they are linking information to outsiders. He stressed that company things are strictly company things. Don’t imitate things for the company somewhere else.

4.10 Arrival and departure time

  • He said the gate will be closed 20mins to 8am and it will be open at 6pm for anyone who wants to leave. He promised that if all goes well; it will also be remote controlled.

4.11 Commission

  • He promised to start clearing peoples starting next month if all goes well.


4.12 Salary


  • He said salary adjustments are not automatic; it will depend on who you are and what you have done. E.g. the welfare will be given a certain fee alongside salary for appreciation.
  • If one doesn’t work to the management’s expectation, his/her salary may be reduced and those who work well will be increased salary.
  • Those under the monitoring team must be flagged green before their payment is done.
  • Makanga was tasked to review the rest of the reports by 30th of every month.
  • He said he dreams of the day when minimum salary is 1 million. He stressed that if efforts are put, this can be by next year.


4.13 Deadlines

  • He said deadlines of any sort must be made before on time.
  • Those that deliberately hand in late will be deducted a fee from their salary; 20k per day. He stressed that management has powers to even say 40k per day.


4.14 Review of performance

  • He said that management will review every performance of every person and they shall decide on who stays and who leaves. He stressed that if it is necessary for you to go, you will go.
  • He urged the marketing department personnel to cope up because it’s the worst performing department.
  • He said the Reservations department ought to do better

4.15 Sites

  • Sandra and Sharon should check on their sites with the help of Sam and Joseph every morning. This is to ensure they are always on.

4.16 Contracts

  • He asked Robert and Mrs. Makanga to give Elvis and Jerom contracts to sign.

4.17 Departmental meetings

  • He stressed that departmental meetings must resumes as soon as possible.

4.18 Advice to staff

  • He advised people to make sure they do things that make them responsible. Be cautious of you actions.
  • Look for God fearing people because there are things they don’t do.
  • Respect yourself and others as well, be loyal and noble because a noble person can’t be changed to do anything.
  • Let’s all look for hardworking working people as friends and as partners.
  • Check on your things every morning to see if they are working because it’s what keeps you going.
  • Caution your work, inquiries, marketing, hard work and make a broad sacrifice to yourself.
  • Become a slave so you reap from your hard work, it’s worth the sacrifice because you will work tirelessly until you reap. He gave an example of himself that he is what he is because of the hands he has passed through e.g Mulindwa the trillionare. He can’t sleep without 20 safaris on the board.
  • It’s bad to be person who doesn’t pick advice, a person who doesn’t mind and has a bad attitude.
  • People should be team players e.g. people should help each other like help Sandra organize eats, food, give ideas to each other etc. This will make work easy.
  • He urged people that it is bad to keep quiet on something they know, share with others because it helps you coordinate with people. Don’t be like a man who got an accident and people celebrated or like Kirumira who lost his kids and people celebrated.
  • Care about your friends because your actions haunt them, genuinely love your friends, work and love one another (Agapy love) e.g. If Robert happened to get sick, many people will visit him because he is down to earth. So let no one make you stupid because you won’t gain anything from it.
  • He added that it is not how much wealth you have, it’s how intelligent you are and your beautiful character.
  • People should change attitude towards things (don’t be impaired). Attitude must be positive for positive results, attract knowledge, care, and don’t be among people that have deliberately refused to adhere to advice. Your attitude towards people determines what people you attract to yourself.
  • Don’t do what other do, listen to advice. He advised people not to be influenced by band wagon because bad company influences us negatively. Proverbs 29:23
  • People lose their reputation die
  • Don’t be proud because a man’s pride shall bring him low- Proverbs 11:2, proverbs 16:18, Galatians 6:3, James 4:6
  • Make your own decisions because you’re as good as the quality of your friends. Mind about what they influence you to be.
  • Don’t be inadvisable. Don’t be rigid, inflexible. It is a general characteristic of dictators. Without counseling, plans fail but with many advisors, they succeed and this is for our own good. Proverbs 11:14, proverbs 3:5-6.
  • He requested people to change their lives because it is still possible to make life better than a disaster. He prayed that God reveals those words to us so they become a pillar in our lives.
  • Let’s all look at self-reflection and rejuvenation so we become better people.
  • He requested people to pay attention to deadlines.
  • He urged staff to put pressure on themselves because this is not the time to slumber so they yield good fruits and have a better pay too.
  • He requested staff to raise their concerns because management commits to get onboard and address all that needs to be addressed.

5.0 Closure

  • Closing prayer was given by Matovu Crispn.




















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