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Buffaloes in Uganda – uganda Safari News

buffalo-uganda safarisBuffaloes are also among the five animals in Uganda that tourists may get a chance to see while on their safari in Uganda. These are herbivorous animals which feed on grass therefore it is rare for them to starve for food. They are mainly seen during the time of hot temperatures as they are always seen on the lakes and swampy areas feeding on water due to their poor capability to adjust to body temperatures. This therefore helps tourists to see these animals while on their Uganda safari.

There are two sub species of buffaloes which include the larger savannah and smaller forest buffalo. Buffaloes have a un predictable nature which therefore makes It dangerous to human beings at any time.  These are however nice to be seen by the tourists during their game drives and boat cruise therefore providing them with a good and unique experience while on their Uganda safaris.

Buffaloes are found in different National Parks in Uganda therefore providing a variety of opportunities to see the buffaloes while on their safaris to Uganda. These include Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo and so many others. As you are seeing the buffaloes you will also give you the opportunities to see different animals that live in the parks and surely you will like therefore having the best Uganda safari.

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