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Buganda Kingdom’s development to attract many Tourists-Uganda safari News

engaboBuganda is one of the most honored Kingdoms in Uganda and it has attracted many safaris in Uganda to see the Kingdom. Buganda Kingdom is headed by Kabaka that is King by the names of Ronald Muwenda  Mutebi and the Queen is known as Nabageraka. The people of Buganda love their kingdom and always praise it which therefore becomes a must see for the tourists on Uganda safaris.

There are a lot of attractions in Buganda although some like the ‘Amasiiro’ that is the tombs were destroyed by the unknown people. However there are still traditional things that tourists always see while on their safaris in Uganda. Tourists get to know more about the Buganda Kingdom when on their Uganda safari as they are explained to everything they may love to know.

The Katikiro (prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom has therefore fund-raised money to put back the destroyed tombs and also build up more attractions in the kingdom. This has and will continuously attract more safaris to Uganda as many people will be coming in to see the tradition of Buganda Kingdom.

The increase in the number of Uganda safaris will help contribute much to the revenue of the country hence developing the Economy of Uganda. The revenues will lead to Economic growth in uganda and this will give room for employment to the local people hence help fight poverty in Uganda. This will help market Uganda as many tourists will be coming for safari visits and invest in the country hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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