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Bugiri District


Bugiri District, which was originally a county of Iganga District, was created in 1997. Previously Bugiri, Mayuge and present-day Iganga constituted Iganga District.

It is bordered by Iganga in the North and West, Mayuge District in the South West, Busia in the East, Tororo and the Republic of Kenya in the North and Lake Victoria in the East.

The district has over 426,522 people, 219,620 of which are female and 206,902 are male.
Main Languages

Lusoga and Lusamia-Lugwe.
Economic Activities

Agriculture wit the main emphasis on Food crops; Maize, Rice, finger millet, sorghum, bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, peas and cassava. Cash Crops include, cotton and coffee.
There is also fishing on Lake Victoria and animal grazing.
Education services

The district has a total of 225 primary schools with 190 government, 9 private and 26 community schools. For secondary schools, the district has over 43 schools, 7 are government, 20 private and 16 community. It also has 1 college of Agricultural Mechanization, Butema.
Health services

The district has 21 Government dispensaries (II), 10 health centres (III), 2 health centres (IV) and 1 hospital. More so, it has 8 private/NGO dispensaries, 12 clinics but no health centre. There is Bugiri Hospital with 104 beds, 1 sub-dispensary and 1 health centre.
Transport Net work

The district is linked and has a tarmac road to Iganga and Tororo Districts. It also has a well distributed network of feeder-roads, some of which are in poor conditions.
Tourist Attractions

The Lake and fishing activities at the Lugala Landing site are a potential tourist attraction. Bird watching on Siiro Island is another attraction.

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