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zebrasThis unmistakable stripped horse is common among the wide spread throughout east and southern Africa. Zebras are often seen on Uganda safari in large herds but their basic social unit is the small relatively stable family group which typically consists of a stallion up to five mares and their collective off spring. These Uganda safari offers contain horse like body shape though their manes have short, erect hair, coats stripped and tails tufted at the tip. The shinning coats reflect over 70% of incoming heat and it is believed that the stripes assist these animals to with stand strong solar radiation. This helps them to survive in the hot savannah ecosystems that is sometimes challenging to travellers on safari in Uganda. The back and white setting of the coat act as camouflage titled disruptive coloration which breaks up the body outline. Though highly visible during day time, it can help at dawn and in the evening when their predators are most active.

Burchell’s zebras occupy the savannah habitats characterized by tree less grasslands and open woodlands. No wonder they are live in Uganda safari savannah parks of Mburo and Kidepo.  They are enthusiastic grazers in constant search for green pastures though during dry conditions can live on dry, coarse grass so long as it with in the a reach of a water hole. After producing, the mother hides the foal for 2-3 days until it learns to identify her by voice, smell and sight.  Though all foals have great attachment to their mothers, the male counterparts connect much to their fathers and leave the group on their discretion with in the age between 1 – 4 years to join a bachelor group until they are powerful enough to head the family.

Unfortunately, these Uganda safari offers (zebras) are not ends in themselves thus act as diet to other species in the ecosystem. These include; lions, hyenas and to a reduced margin by hunting dogs, cheetahs and leopard. One can be lucky to see predator chasing the zebra while on Uganda safari visit. In Uganda, zebras are present only in Lake Mburo and Kidepo valley National parks and thus their encounter can be arranged in your Uganda wildlife safari or along gorilla trekking.

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