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uganda safarisBusoga is one of the traditional regions of Uganda heavily occupied by the Basoga Bantu ethnic who are primarily farmers. The largest town in Busoga is Jinja which is also among the big towns in Uganda usually encountered by those undertaking safaris in Uganda.

Busoga is gifted by a range of natural attractions alongside the cultural heritage of the indigenous people. It is worth mentioning that Busoga is the source of the longest River in the World that perplexed the quests of early explorers like Speke, Grant and Baker who later paved way for many Europeans to undertake safaris to Uganda.

Busoga has a range of rocks some of which are strong impermeable rocks that have shaped the course of the Nile and the features that define it. These have led to the formation of waterfalls like Owen Falls and Bujagali falls  that were utilized to establish mass power plants to supply the country with power an attraction in its self, the overhanging cliffs form the ground for adventurous Uganda safari activities like Bungee jumping. The rapids are great encounters to do water rafting while other activities include kayaking and the great boat cruise to the source of the Nile to witness Nile waters as they make their 90 days journey to the Mediterranean Sea. All these attractions and activities have made Jinja and Busoga in general a fancy of many travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda as many encounter it on their start of their gorilla safaris Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda.

It is from this background that the Basoga spearheaded by their leader Rabecca Kadaga who is also the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda are crying for the government to construct an Airport in the region to facilitate easy transfer and connection of Uganda safari undertakers to the region citing that surface travel makes the travellers tied and they tend to desist from it.

This comes ahead of the November 13, Jinja Nile Adventure where a lot of activities will be participated in including white water rafting and boat races in order  to raise money for the rehabilitation of Walukuba Health Center under the umbrella of Tourism Cares Initiative as noted by Uganda Tourism Board.

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