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Busoga region to promote tourism sites

President Yoweri  Museveni  has pledged sh100m towards the development of Kagulu hill into a tourism site during Busoga’s campaign to promote tourism or Uganda safaris in this potential region. This offer was made while addressing residents at Kagulu hill in Kagulu sub-county, Buyende district, last week where this new Uganda safari spot was unveiled by the Busoga Tourism Initiative (BTI).


Historically Kagulu hill was the site, where Prince Mukama Namutukula who is said to be the founding father of Busoga, first settled after his arrival from Bunyoro region, across Lake Kyoga. This historical site is approximately 3,500ft above sea level, having a five kilometre radius. Other sites include Bukaleeba peninsula and Kyando located in Mayuge district, Bukatube sub-county. BTI wants Bukaleeba, gazetted as a game reserve region, because it boosts of a forest reserve covering over four villages, while the other spot known as Kyando histortorically is where Bishop James Hannington reportedly met his death. Bishop Hannington had come to Uganda under the Church Missionary Society but unfortunately got killed on October 29, 1885.


President Museveni urged  the Minister of Tourism and Wildlife, Maria Mutagamba to support Busoga region  in its endeavours of developing these sites from their current state into attractive Uganda safari sites while considering the mechanism for protection of the visitors.

“The tourism ministry should be able to plan for these sites so that they can attract rich tourists who are planning to have Uganda safaris. Despite its immense potential, today people visit Kagulu only for adventure. It should be turned into a source of income,” he narrated


While responding to calls by area leaders for improvement on infrastructures surrounding these spots, the president promised that Government will complete the construction of the Jinja-Kamuli and Kamuli-Bukungu highways before embarking on construction works for the one to Kagulu later on.

Museveni said that previously the Government had extended electricity to Bukungu landing site on the shores of Lake Kyoga from where it will easily be extended to Kagulu .He added that Busoga was conducive for horticulture, food crops as well as milk production, and thus advised the residents to adopt agricultural diversification as well as modern farming techniques.

“Busoga region is good for horticulture, especially fruit farming like, production oranges, mangoes and pineapples. However these should be supplemented by food crop production and animal husbandry,” he advised

Museveni, also encouraged residents to go in for improved animal breeds as opposed to the local ones which give less milk and also mentioned fishing as another potential as well as profitable business, but cautioned them against  illegal fishing practices.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, who also holds Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament seat, said through BTI, they have entered into a partnership with MTN Uganda to promote community tourism in Busoga region.

Kadaga is proudly the patron of Busoga Tourism Initiative and chairperson to the Busoga Parliamentary Group which plays a big role in marketing Busoga region as a Uganda safari tour spot.

Maria Mutagamba ,the Tourism minister  stressed that tourism should be a concern for all Ugandan citizens and that each should play a special  role in promoting and marketing Uganda’s tourism i.e the Uganda safari industry`s potential through various avenues. She also added that the country should use various opportunities like hosting major international conferences in marketing itself to the world over. Mutagamba also revealed plans by an individual working in conjunction with the tourism ministry to develop a travel magazine, and on this case asked President Museveni to support such initiatives as once finished copies of the magazine will be distributed to travelers on planes entering and leaving the country as its marketing strategy. The tourism sector/Uganda safari industry last year, brought to the economy $820m as opposed to $400m from coffee, Minister Mutagamba proudly revealed.

The president later handed over  sh3m to Kagulu LC1 chairman Wilberforce Kategere to help purchase iron sheets for roofing one Miru Primary School located a few kilometres from Kagulu hill as  Kategere had earlier on  told the President that the school is in a bad state.

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