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Butterfly watching in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

butterfly watching safaris-ugandaUganda is a picturesque tourism destination area also considered to be one of the delightful countries in Africa where travelers who are butterfly enthusiast can enjoy their Uganda safaris. The gifted country –Uganda houses about 33% of all Afro tropical vegetation species with almost 1,235 shining species of butterflies that have been affirmed in Uganda,. Most of these butterflies are found in national parks and out of the estimated number of Butterflies recorded in the country, 31 of them are endemic to Uganda. Existence of butterflies in various areas in Uganda has helped the country to be one of the best tourism destinations for different travelers interested in having memorable encounter with the butterflies in their natural habitat.
The different butterflies in Uganda which can be viewed by tourists on their Uganda tours and safaris are categorized in various groups like Papilionidae with 31 species, Lycaenidae with 479 species of butterflies as well as Pieridae with 99 species and Nymphalidae with 447 species. Currently, there are almost 35 butterfly species that are recorded to be endemic within the country Uganda.
Taking safari tour to Uganda will allow you to explore the Butterflies species which are described to be dark colored and hence not able to see other colors apart from the red, green and yellow colors which are shining colors. The different butterflies in Uganda are gifted with a long straw like appendage famously called proboscis which allows them to sip nectar.
Moths and Butterflies are quick in selecting leaves for egg laying. A butterfly’s wings are not much colorful and hence this offers an instant cover from would-be butterfly’s enemies. The only insects known to be having scales are Butterflies and they also contain pigment.
The great beautiful east African rift valley which is attracting many safaris and tours to Uganda also consists of a wide range of habitats that support the survival of different butterfly species .Among the natural habitat include Rwenzori- dubbed Mountains of the Moon, The savannah grasslands as well as woodlands, rain forests, Butiaba and gorges of Kyambura widen the areas where travelers on their butterfly safaris to Uganda can enjoy his safaris.
Uganda safari tour to national parks in search of the butterflies will offer you the chance to enjoy the wealth flora and many bird species housed in various stunning national parks in Uganda. In spite of the fact that butterflies are the main interest of under taking Uganda tours and Safaris you will have moment to view the sights of the wildlife on your Uganda safari tour.
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