4X4 Mini Buses For Hire/Rent in Uganda, 4×4 Coasters buses for rent in Uganda Rwanda

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Cars for Hire/Rent in Uganda


Our 4X4 Mini Buses For Hire/Rent in Uganda Rwanda take up to 35 people depending on the size but most of them range from 25 – 32 people seated comfortably while keeping touch with one another. In fact, a person can communicate to everyone in the vehicle ably without the microphone.

Some of these 4×4 Coasters mini buses for rent in Uganda Rwanda have clearer windows thus can be used for tours and safaris in particular sight-seeing and wild game viewing. The groups travelling together like Student groups find it cheaper as the transport costs are spread over many people.

The more enhanced minivans and coasters with Air conditioning, more comfortable seats with enough leg rooms, flat screens and provision for recharging is also available and these are ideal for delegates and staff of corporate organizations.

The 4×4  Mini buses for hire / Vans / Coasters range from $100 – $150 per day inclusive of  the driver but less of fuel and the price depends on the carrying capacity.

Terms and conditions apply                                                                                                                                                                                                        INQUIRY BUTTON


Looking for Minibuses or Coaters for hire in Uganda, Prime Uganda Safari is dedicated to offering you the best of all for your remarkable experience.

Whether you intend to go for a company retreat or reaching out to communities in medium groups of 10 – 35 people, the Minibus or Coasters are the ideal means.

Buses for hire/rent in Uganda are also available

The Buses range from 400USD inclusive of the driver but less of fuel.

Terms and conditions apply……                                                                                                                                                                  INQUIRY BUTTON


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