4X4 Ordinary Land cruisers For Hire/Rent in Uganda, Land cruisers for rent in Kampala

The 4x4 Ordinary land Cruisers for Hire/Rent in Uganda are right here at prime Uganda Safaris. These are not customized for safari but are very comfortable for private travel. They are enhanced and are 4X4 capable of accessing distant destinations and negotiating through the most challenging road sections in the remote areas.

Our 4x4 Ordinary land Cruisers for Hire in Uganda, Rwanda and the great East African region range from Models 1996-2012 years of manufacture.

For all our customers our 4X4 Land cruisers are rented out with a driver without any extra charge.

The price for these 4X4 Land cruiser range from 70-90 US dollars depending on the type of work, region where the car is to work and the total number of days one is to rent the car in Uganda or out of the country.  



They are raised like any other Land Cruiser and feature Air conditioning. Some of them feature clear windows while others have tinted windows thus you choose what interests you. The 4X4 Ordinary land Cruisers can still be used for safaris that do not involve a lot of wild game viewing for example gorilla trekking safaris and chimpanzee trekking safaris, city tours in Kampala, Jinja source of the Nile and city tours just to mention but a few.

They have a seating capacity of 7 people and have enough leg room. They also feature a luggage rack on top where luggage can be carried. However, the luggage can still be carried inside if the vehicle is not full.

4X4 Toyota extended/customised safari tours Landcruiser with top up roof for photographing.

From $140 - $180 perday with a driver

4X4 Ordinary Toyota landcruiser prado -model 1992 - 1996 (3L)

From $70 - $80 per day  with a driver

4X4  Toyota landcruiser hard top/ terain -model(1995 -2014)

Price: $80 - $90 per day with a driver

4X4 Toyota landcruiser prado Tx /Tz  - model 1996 - 2012

Price: $80 - $90 per day  with a driver
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We also hire out 4X4 Safari vans for hire/Rent in Uganda

Car type for hire/rent Rates for hire/rent per day in Kampala Rates for hire/rent per day out of Kampala
4X4 Minivans -  7 seats $70   -   $75 $80   -   $90
4X4 Minivans 9–14 seats $80 $95
4X4 Safari Van $60   -   $70 $90   -   $95


We also offer 4X4 safari vans for hire/rent
Price: $80 - $90 per day driver inclusive


Super customs for hire/rent in Uganda , driver inclusive
Price: $70 - $85 per day driver inclusive

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