Buses For Hire/Rent in Uganda, 4×4 Buses rent/ hire services in Uganda Rwanda

Our 4x4 Buses for rent in Uganda Rwanda are the ideal Uganda Rwanda car rental choice if you Have a large group of people that would wish to travel together. Prime Uganda Safaris have got buses both ordinary and executive. The Ordinary buses feature two columns with three seats in each row taking up to more than 60 passengers. They do not have Air conditioning and receive fresh air through windows. The windows are clear and thus offer sight-seeing encounters. The leg room is also limited.

For the executive Coaches / Buses, they feature two columns and two seats per row thus presenting a spacious environment and enough leg room. The seats can be bent if the passenger wishes to take a sleep. The executive buses feature Air conditioning. They have CCTV Cameras installed and the doors are remote controlled.

The buses are ideal for company retreats and student groups and can connect to distant destinations that are along the main routes. The buses may not be ideal to negotiate challenging road sections in remote destinations as the road may be too narrow for them.

The Buses hire in Uganda Rwanda rates range from 200-400 USD inclusive of the driver but less of fuel.

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Prime Uganda Safaris also offers Minibuses / Coasters for hire in Uganda at affordable prices.

To hire these mini buses in Uganda you pay  100-150$ depending on the destination, nature of activity and number of hire days.