Car Rentals in Rwanda, 4×4 Car Hire services in Rwanda, 4×4 safari Land cruiser for hire / tour vans for rent in Rwanda

Self Drive Car Rentals in Rwanda, 4×4 Self Drive Car Hire services in Rwanda, Rwanda 4×4 Self Drive safari Landcruiser Rentals / 4×4 Self Drive Safari-Tour vans for rent in Uganda

Rwanda Self Drive Car Rentals, 4×4 Self Drive RAV4 for Hire in Rwanda, 

Prime Safaris & Tours is known for providing luxury and commercial affordable car hire services in Rwanda for both business and leisure travelers not forgetting Rwanda safari tour travelers . Our Rwanda Kigali car rental service/car hire service for locations across Rwanda is not just affordable but also includes a diverse fleet of cars, for you to choose from with very knowledgeable professional drivers.

Rent a self drive car in Rwanda with us and enjoy the convenience, our affordable Rwanda Self drive car rental deals, breakdown assistance,insurance, quick responses and replacement replacements in case of any brake down.

Our Rwanda Self Drive Car hire in Rwanda Fleet.

We enjoy a reasonable have amount of 4×4 self drive vehicles available for rent in Rwanda. Our fleet of vehicles include 4×4 safari Toyota Landcruisers, 4×4 Toyota RAV4, saloon cars, 4×4 Safari-Tour Vans/safari minibuses. We cater for all budgets and special needs. Our prices include a lot of benefits and all our cars are comprehensively insured. Inquire with our car hire department and book now to avoid disappointment.

Rwanda 4X4 Self drive Land Cruisers Rental/ 4×4 Self Drive Cars Hire In Rwanda /4X4-4WD Safari Cars for Self Drive Hire in Rwanda


4×4 Landcruisers for Self Drive Hire in Rwanda are here for you at affordable rates. Book and Rent  a self drive 4×4 Safari Landcruiser in Rwanda and drive your Safari all through Rwanda`s tourist destinations at your pace, time, and on your plan. Some of our Rwanda 4×4 Self Drive Land cruisers have pop up roofs customised for safari game drives well others are ordinary in their factory make. Enjoy your tour in  Rwanda and her rural countryside or travel within Rwanda towns safe yet cheaply.( Terms and conditions apply)……

4X4 Self Drive Safari Vans Hire in Rwanda/ Rwanda 4×4 self Drive Tour Vans rental


4X4 Self Drive Safari Vans for hire in Rwanda-If you are looking for a 9 seater tour /safari van for self drive rental in Rwanda, it is available for your Rwanda safari. Our 4×4 Self drive safari vans for hire are customized, carry up to 9 pax, well maintained, have air conditioners, and can go on all terrain in Rwanda for your Self Drive Safari in Rwanda.

4X4 Self drive Rav4 For Hire in  Rwanda / Rwanda 4×4 Rav4 Self Drive Safari Cars for Rent


Self Drive 4×4 Toyota RAV4 in Rwanda are becoming popular for less that three travellers in Rwanda. They are 4WD full time, have a high ground clearance, equipped with AC, Strong on the road, good at fuel consumption and very affordable.  Contact us and hire a self drive 4×4 Rav4 Rwanda safari car with a big boot for your luggage at just the cheapest rates in Rwanda.


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