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25 11, 2019

Uganda Mourns One of the Silverbacks in the Oruzogo Gorilla Family – Bwindi

November 25th, 2019|Uganda safari news|

We are sorry to be the bearers of sad news but the Oruzogo gorilla family lost one of its silverbacks. Oruzogo gorilla family one of the habituated Uganda gorilla safari groups is situated in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable [...]

14 09, 2019

Letaba, One of The UWEC Male Lions Dies On the Way from Fort Portal Conservation Education Program

September 14th, 2019|Uganda safari news|

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) together with all sectors for tourism in Uganda are deeply saddened to announce the death of Letaba, one of her male lions, aged 10years- that passed on yesterday on the 13th September 2019 at [...]

22 08, 2019

Lake Bunyonyi Loacation ∣ Lake Bunyonyi Uganda Tours, Attractions, Activities

August 22nd, 2019|Uganda safari news|

Lake Bunyonyi ∣ Lake Bunyonyi Uganda Tours, Attractions, Activities, Accommodation & Location Lake Bunyonyi (Africa’s second deepest lake after Lake Tanganyika at about 900 meters) is undeniably one of the most beautiful, tranquil areas of Uganda. The tranquil Lake Bunyonyi [...]

25 06, 2019

A Uganda Wildlife Safari Encounter to Remember – Uganda Safari News

June 25th, 2019|Uganda safari news|

Are you a wildlife fanatic and adventurer? Here is a 2-day safari in Uganda that will definitely leave you with the ultimate Uganda safari memories as it puts in you in a prime position to encounter most of the African [...]

21 06, 2019

Uganda Adventure Safaris & Tours , Uganda Adventure Spots/Destinations, Uganda Adventure Activities

June 21st, 2019|Uganda safari news|

Uganda Adventure Safaris | Uganda Adventure Spots | Uganda Adventure Safari Destinations | Uganda Adventure Activities-Adventurous Things To Do On A Uganda Safari. Uganda Adventure safaris to the top Uganda adventure spots offer thrilling adventure activities to do on Uganda [...]

3 12, 2018

9 days wildlife & gorilla trekking safari in Uganda/9 days Uganda wildlife safari Queen Elizabeth and gorilla trekking tour Bwindi

December 3rd, 2018|Uganda safari news|

Overview of the 9 days wildlife & gorilla trekking safari in Uganda The 9 days wildlife & gorilla trekking safari in Uganda is more else a 9 days Uganda wildlife safari Queen Elizabeth and gorilla trekking tour Bwindi. To 4 [...]

25 07, 2018

Uganda airlines orders for 6 aircrafts from 2 companies

July 25th, 2018|Uganda safari news|

Uganda airlines to raise Uganda's colors to the skies Uganda airlines, the national carrier of Uganda, has signed a memorandum of understanding for a total of 6 aircrafts. The aircrafts will include two A330-800neos by Airbus and four (4) new [...]

18 07, 2018

Uganda’s 3rd International cultural Tourism Fair set for September this year!-Uganda cultural safaris

July 18th, 2018|Uganda safari news|

Ekyooto international cultural Festival in Uganda to take place this September. Africa’s friendliest nation-Uganda has never stopped being home to diversity with unity, those who take Uganda cultural safaris are witness to this. On the 14th - 16th  days of [...]