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Center for hospitality excellence required in Uganda

hotel in UgandaThe destination Uganda despite the political turmoil that characterized the country’s atmosphere in the 1970s and 80s, it has regained her unique selling preposition to attract counts of world travelers to undertake safaris in Uganda though a little more is still required in the hospitality sector.
The center for hospitality where the government would invest intensely in the training of youth in a range of hospitality aspects is required to present more opportunities for youth employment in the tourism and hospitality sector other than the country importing the managers from other parts of the world to enhance the service satisfaction of Uganda safari undertakers.
Instead of Uganda exporting the youth as guards and housemaids in various parts of the world, the country should focus on setting her center for hospitality excellence which would train and create avenues for the employment of Ugandan youth in the local job market. Apparently the country has been relying on personnel import from countries of South Africa and Kenya among other countries.
It can be noted that apparently, the range of chefs and managers in the notable hotels which present overnight stay for travelers on safari in Uganda are expatriates which in turn puts Ugandans at the lower levels in such establishments. This trend has not been arrested considering the fact that only hospitality institute funded by the Government – the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute misses out on the needed funding to undertake the facilities up grading and the human resources that is required to position the Institute to compete favorably in the world.
This also joins the move to see the funding of the marketing initiatives of Uganda as a safari destination increased. The apparent budget stands at five (5) billion US Dollars which is considerably lower compared to the amount invested in by the neighboring countries.
Establishing the Center for excellence in Hospitality would enable the country build a sustainable tourism and hospitality sector with consideration to quality of service which is very instrumental in the guest satisfaction including those that come on Uganda tours.

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