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Changing the Education System in Uganda-Uganda safari News

schoolThe education system in Uganda has always been dependant on the teachers who get information and transfer it to the students. This system is not bad but it makes the students lazy since they do not make their own research. Due to this, students especially those of geography end up without any exact knowledge about the tourism sectors, where the national parks are found and therefore cannot convince tourists to come for safaris to Uganda.

Fortunately now the students work with their teachers so that they look for the work together, research on their own for the better future. This so because when the students research for their own work, they cannot forget what they research therefore can explain well to the tourists when they come to safari Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

This will help boost the tourism sector since the upcoming tour operators will be in position to identify related information about tourism since they made their own research but not reading already written information. This will help them give out the real information hence attracting more tour visits in Uganda.

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