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chetah- uganda safarisThis creature usually encountered on Uganda safari, superficially similar to the leopard, is the most diurnal of Africa’s cat species and it turns using speed as opposed to stealth. Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals, capable of running up to 70 km/hr. in short bursts. Cheetah can be considered a wonder of evolution due to its speed which is supported by its slender and long-legged body. Male cheetahs are strongly territorial and in some areas they commonly defend their territory in pairs or trios. Cheetahs are the least powerful of the large predators; they are chased from a high percentage of their kills and 50% of cheetah cubs are killed by other predators before they reach three months of age. Like leopards, cheetahs are heavily spotted and solitary in their habits but their grey hound like build, distinctive black tear marks and preference for grassland and savannah habitats precludes confusion. They have tan colour shaded with black spots throughout their builds. Cheetahs can be differentiated while on prime safari in Uganda from other big cats basing on their small size, small head and ears, spotted coats and unique strips of tears that spread from the eye corner to the nose side. These creatures mate throughout the year with over 3 months gestation period before giving birth to 2-4 cubs. Cheetahs are well known to have had a historical dwelling throughout Africa and Asia ranging from South Africa to India. Apparently they can be traced in parts of east, central and south western Africa and a meagre number in Iran.  In Uganda, cheetahs are traditionally present only in the vicinity of Kidepo valley national park, though several sightings in the north of Murchison falls national park in 2002 suggest that they might yet recolonize the park. These amazing wildlife species can be included in your Uganda wildlife safari or along Uganda gorilla tracking safari.

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