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Chimpanzee increase to boost Tourism-Uganda safari News

chimpanzee in uganda Chimpanzees are one of the animals that attract tourists to come for safaris in Uganda  and track the funny wildlife animals. These are found in many places like Kibale and so many others. The chimpanzees are very nice to track as it is so good for tourists to see and interact with each other and also have pictures of them to show others and also attract them to come and enjoy Uganda safaris hence marking Uganda as a tourist destination.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has therefore planned to increase the habitats of the chimpanzee in Uganda and this will help attract settlement of these animals in Uganda hence increasing the number of Uganda safari. The habitats will be placed in the areas where the chimpanzees are found so as to provide protection to them and therefore increase their health hence more safaris to Uganda therefore boosting the tourism sector.

 The increase in the number of safaris in Uganda will lead to the increase in more revenues in Uganda therefore will help boost the economy of Uganda. The revenues will help improve on the different sectors of Uganda that can be invested in together with the infrastructures like the roads, hotels, lodges and so many others. This will therefore attract more Uganda safaris hence boosting the economy and the tourism sector of Uganda.

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