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Chimpanzee naming in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

chimpanzee trekking tour Chimpanzee naming is  carried out in Uganda and it’s a common activity which is loved by the tourists who come to Uganda for chimpanzee, gorilla trekking safaris. This ceremony is mainly based on naming both adult and baby chimpanzees. It’s an initiative which was proposed by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Chimpanzees are found in Kibale national park, queen national park and also in Budongo forest, all these chimpanzees have been named different names and some of these include; Murefu which means tall, Kazinga which is named after Kazinga channel, Asante which is a Swahili name meaning thank you, Maji , pesa, Namanya, tatenkazi, these names are so interesting and have attracted many chimpanzee tracking safaris to Uganda.

The primate naming will help in boosting the tourism sector since it will help in increasing the number of chimpanzee safaris to Uganda. Chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth Park are regarded as the second popular attraction, however these primates have been facing various problems like human encroachment, hunting, poaching, these have greatly reduced the number of safaris to Uganda.

The ministry has also encouraged the naming of the primates since its good news to know that such animals are being noticed and more efforts should be put in to make it a larger ceremony with lots of tourists and the public media. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for chimpanzee tracking tours to Uganda.

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