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Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking | Uganda Chimpanzee Safaris | Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda Safari

Uganda Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda/Uganda Chimpanzee safaris are memorable Uganda safari tours offering amazing Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda Kibale Forest National Park and other spots in Uganda to see the rare Chimpanzees in Uganda.

Chimpanzee safaris in Uganda take you in the tropical rain forests of Uganda in search of the habituated Chimpanzees.

You will engage in chimpanzee safari tours and meet our closest relatives the Chimps with 99.9% DNA similarity. Seeing the Chimpanzees in their natural habitat when on Chimpanzee tours is an everlasting memorable moment.

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda/chimpanzee Uganda safaris are the best remarkable wildlife experience available on the continent. Uganda is the best country for seeing Chimpanzees in East Africa the rest being in West Africa.

The endangered Chimpanzees are different from Mountain Gorillas in appearance and behavior. Chimp trekking is best in Kibale Forest National Park which is the primate capital of Africa as it has many primate species.

Chimp trekking safaris is a must-do when you visit Uganda as it will guarantee you Africa safari excitement.

Where Can I See Chimpanzees in Uganda? | Where Is the Best Place to See Chimpanzees?

Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzees are present in the tropical forests in Uganda and this country has about 5,000 individuals.

Despite the number of Chimpanzees, they are found in different areas of the country as some are wild and others are habituated Chimps are good for the Chimp trek.

Below are some of the places where one can see and track Chimpanzees in Uganda.

  • Kibale National Park

This is the best place to see Chimpanzees in Uganda and East Africa. It is a top destination for Chimpanzee trekking Uganda. This park is situated in the southwest of Uganda and it has over 1,500 Chimpanzees.

This makes it the highest number of Chimpanzees in any other place in the country. Also, Kibale Forest Park has the highest number of habituated Chimpanzee communities than any other place in East Africa.

Visitors can Chimp trek in Kibale Forest Park with the chances of seeing the amazing apes being over 90%.

Visitors can always track Chimpanzees here twice a day that is in the morning and afternoon hours. Tracking Chimpanzees is so rewarding as you get to see other primate species like Olive Baboons, Vervet Monkeys, Red tailed Monkey, Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, and many bird species.

If you want to spend more hours with the Chimpanzee Communities, there is Chimpanzee habituation experience which is a full-day activity. You get to meet Chimp troops that just getting introduced to human presence.

Tracking Chimps in Kibale Forest requires a Chimpanzee trekking permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which goes for $200.

  • Murchison Falls National Park (Kaniyo-Pabidi) in Budongo Forest

This is another Uganda safari destination for seeing the apes in East Africa. Chimpanzee tours in Murchison Falls National Park can be easily combined with wildlife safaris, boat cruises, hikes, etc. to give you a wonderful safari in Uganda.

However, Chimpanzee trekking takes place specifically in Budongo Forest at the Kaniyo-Pabidi eco-tourism site which has habituated Chimps.

This site has well-developed trails for track chimpanzee trips and the chances of spotting them here are at 80% though it is only one Chimpanzee community.

The endangered Chimpanzees were cared for by the Jane Goodall institute but later in 2009 Budongo Eco-Lodge took over.

Now, the Jane Goodall Institute is studying and conserving other Chimpanzee communities within Budongo Forest.

Chimp trekking at Kaniyo Pabidi is experienced twice a day that is in the morning and evening.

During Chimp trekking in this dense forest, you get to see other wildlife species especially the primates like the Red-tailed Monkey, Olive Baboons, Vervet Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, etc.

All Chimp trekking permits are purchased from Budongo Eco-lodge not Uganda Wildlife Authority at $130. The Chimpanzee habituation experience here is $230.

Chimpanzee tracking experience in Murchison Falls National Park hits differently as you can combine it with wildlife safaris.

  • Kyambura Gorge In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kyambura Gorge is situated in the far east of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and it is a popular destination for Chimp trekking. It is famously known as the “valley of the apes”.

It is a 100-meter-deep gorge with dense forest cover making it a perfect habitat for the endangered Chimpanzees. This gorge –Kyambura Gorge inhabits only one Chimp troop (Chimpanzee community) with about 17 and chances of sighting them are at 60%.

Also, during Chimp trekking in Kyambura Gorge, you get to see other wildlife species that cross from Queen Elizabeth National Park. These include the Red-Tailed Monkeys, Olive Baboons, Olive Baboons, Vervet Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, and many bird species on the Chimp trek.

Chimpanzee permits for Kyambura gorge tracking are purchased from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) at $50. Kyambura Gorge does not offer habituation like Kibale Forest Park.

Visitors going for Chimp trekking in Kyambura Gorge can combine the experience with wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • Kalinzu Forest

Kalinzu Forest is the second-best destination for seeing Chimpanzees after Kibale Forest. This forest is not so far away from Queen Elizabeth National Park, and it is estimated to have 320 Chimpanzees with over 70 individuals being habituated and 2 Chimp troops (Chimpanzee communities) are available for visitors.

Tracking Chimps in Kalinzu Forest is experienced in the morning and afternoon. The chances of spotting the Chimpanzees in this forest reserve are at 90% and the Chimpanzee trekking permits are purchased from the National Forestry Authority.

The Chimpanzee permits (permits chimpanzee trekking) in Kalinzu Forest go for $50 for foreign non-residents and you can spot Red Tailed Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, and Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys.

  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is located on Lake Victoria, and it is under the Jane Goodall institute. It is only accessed by boat from Entebbe. It was founded and set up in 1998 to take care of orphaned animals, especially Chimpanzees.

And it is now home to 52 orphaned and rescued Chimpanzees and there are guarantees of seeing the apes. It is very hard to see other wild animals since the island sanctuary on Lake Victoria mostly caters for Chimps.

Visitors can engage in volunteer programs like feeding the Chimpanzees and so many more activities though you cannot track Chimpanzees.

Other places to see Chimpanzees in Uganda are;

Are There Chimpanzees in Uganda? | How Many Chimpanzees are there in Uganda?

Yes, Uganda has Chimpanzees, and it is among the best destinations for seeing Chimpanzees. Uganda roughly has over 5,000 Chimpanzees that live within the rainforests.

Most of the Chimpanzees are wild though others are habituated for Chimp tracking. The above places are the best for seeing the Chimps in the wild and other primates like Red Tailed Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, and vervet monkeys.

How Is Long Chimp Trekking in Uganda?

The length of Uganda Chimp trekking depends on the season of the year, but it is usually between 2-5 hours. During the dry season, Chimpanzees tend to move deeper into the forest and Chimps spend most time in search of food since it is scarce, and this can lead to longer Chimp treks.

However, usually, in the wet season, the Chimpanzees live closer since the food is abundant and you have shorter Chimp treks. You be in the presence of the Chimpanzees for 1 full hour as this is a measure for conservation purposes.

How Difficult Is Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda? | How Hard and Challenging Is Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest

Chimp trekking entails hiking through the forest in search of the apes.

It is not as difficult as Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The trails are flatter and hikable, making them suitable for people of average fitness.

Chimpanzees, on the other hand, are not that different from other animals. Chimps spend long distances in search of food, and Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda can take up to 2-4 hours like in Kibale Forest and Kyambura Gorge.

If you feel that you are unable to Chimp trek because of fitness issues, you can then hire porters to carry you on sedan chairs so that you meet the amazing Chimpanzees.

Rules and Regulations for Chimp Trekking | What are the Rules When Visiting Chimpanzees in Uganda?

Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking

For your safety and the protection of the Chimpanzees, you are required to follow a few rules along the forest trails as you track Chimpanzees. They are similar to those of Mountain Gorillas.

  • If you are ill, you are not permitted to enter the forest because the chimps may contract human diseases.
  • Chimpanzee tracking experience is only available to those over the age of 15.
  • Littering is not permitted in the forest.
  • Human waste should be disposed of at a depth of at least 12 inches (30cm).
  • Members trekking are required to remain silent while in the forest so that they can see more wildlife.
  • At all times, keep a distance of at least 8 meters (25 feet) from Chimpanzees so that the apes do not contract human diseases.
  • Do not mimic the vocalizations of chimps (you do not know what you might be saying)
  • It is illegal to eat near the apes when you track chimps.
  • Chasing Chimpanzees is prohibited in the forest.
  • Avoid using a flashlight while photographing when you track Chimps.
  • You are permitted to be in the presence of the Chimpanzees for 1 hour.
  • Each group of Chimpanzees is limited to 8 people.

Best Time to Go for Chimp Trekking in Uganda

Chimp Trekking Uganda is available throughout the year. However, the best and most enjoyable time is during the dry months or peak season.

Uganda’s dry months are December to February and June to August.

Chimpanzee tracking trails are dry and accessible during the dry months because the forest receives little or no rainfall.

This makes it easier to locate and observe Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest, Budongo and Kyambura Gorge and other wildlife such as bird species and animals like Red Tailed Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, and Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys.

Is Chimpanzee Trekking Safe?

Yes, Chimpanzee trek in Uganda is safe. The habituated Chimpanzees are the only ones that are trekked during Chimpanzee safaris.

This means that the Chimpanzees recognize the presence of humans and less danger and trouble are expected.

Also, during Chimpanzee tracking, you are accompanied by armed rangers who provide you with security throughout the entire experience. In case, chimpanzees or other animals charge at you, they shoot in the air to scare them off.

Is Chimp Trekking in Uganda Worth It?

Yes, Chimpanzee trek in Uganda is worth it. It is one of the must-do fueling adventures while on a Uganda safari.

Meeting the Chimpanzees is one of the life experiences as a mere look at Chimps our close cousins create everlasting memories. It is best in Kibale Forest Park, Budongo, and Kyambura Gorge as Chimpanzees liv in tree nests unlike Gorillas.

You see them grooming each other and their hooting sound in the wild is unspoken for making Chimpanzee tracking worth it. Also, you get to see other primates like Red Tailed Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, and Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys, bird species, and other animals that come along.

Is gorilla trekking in Uganda worth it?

Yes, Gorilla trekking is worth it as you get to meet the endangered Mountain Gorillas in their natural home. Gorilla trek experience is unspoken for as you see Mountain Gorillas feeding each other.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Porter on the Kibale Chimp Trekking?

No, it is not necessary to hire a porter on the Kibale Forest Chimp trekking as you can trek on the well-developed trails and enjoy the trek.

However, if you have heavy equipment like cameras and bags, then it is ideal to use the services of a porter. Also, if your fitness levels are low and the trek is a bit difficult, then the porters can carry on you in a sedan chair so that you don’t miss any experience.

Can Everyone Participate in Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda? | Is There a Minimum Age for Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda?

Yes, everyone can participate in Chimpanzee trek as long as they are above the age of 15 years. This age limit is set in place by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

This goes for those trekking in Kibale Forest Park and Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

However, in some other areas, the age limit is lower than 15 years as in Kalinzu Forest and Budongo Forest Reserves unlike Gorillas which is 16 years, the minimum age is 12 years. For Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, everyone at whatever age they have can see the Chimpanzees.

How High Is the Chance of Seeing the Uganda Chimpanzees?

Kibale park the primate capital of Africa, the chances of seeing the apes are at 95%.

The chances of seeing the Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest reserve are at 90%. In Budongo, the Chances are at 80%, and 60% in Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

For Ngamba Island, you are guaranteed to see the Chimpanzees as the chances are at 100%.

How to Prepare for a Chimpanzee Expedition?

For you to enjoy tracking Chimps in Uganda, you need to be prepared at all costs.

The first thing to ensure first when preparing yourself is to make sure that you are sick-free.

Always have enough sleep on the pre-night of the day for the activity so that you wake up on time. You can also pack what is necessary for Chimp trekking at night so that you don’t panic in the morning when you are forgetting items.

It is ideal when going track Chimpanzee in Uganda to wear decently and avoid bright colors.

Also, be respectful of the natural habitat of the Chimpanzees as well as the staff and other fellow tourists.

Finally, endeavor to listen to what the rangers tell you and follow their lead on everything to avoid mistakes.

How Much Is Chimpanzee Trek in Uganda? | How Much Is Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park? | How Much Is Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda?

These are common questions asked by tourists who wish to engage in Chimp tracking in Uganda. However, the cost of Chimpanzee trips is based on a couple of many factors.

After, considering these factors, then you can estimate the actual price of the Chimpanzee safari tour.

Cost of the Chimpanzee permit: No one can trek Chimpanzees without having a Chimpanzee trekking permit. The one for Kibale Forest Park costs $200, the Budongo permit costs $130, and the Kyambura Gorge Chimpanzee permit costs $50.

Mode of transport: You will have to use any mode of transport to reach tracking destinations. However, which kind of transport is favorable for you? If you are flying, then it can be a bit costly though using vehicles is cheaper.

Mode of accommodation: If you wish to trek Chimpanzees, you will need accommodation. Knowing the cost of Chimp trekking depends on which kind of accommodation you will be using.

Other Uganda safari tour activities: you would want to combine Chimp track tours with other activities to get more fun.

You will need to consider the cost of those activities as well like after a morning chimpanzee session in Kibale Foest Park, you can visit Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary and enjoy community tours.

A 2-day Chimpanzee safari in Uganda can cost from $500 considering the above factors.

How Much Is Chimpanzee Habituation in Uganda?

Chimp habituation in Kibale National Park is at $ 250 and $230 in Budongo in Murchison Falls National Park.

What to Carry for Chimp Trekking in Uganda?

Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking

Tracking Chimps is a good and amazing activity but there are things to carry with you when going for the activity.

Below are some of the essential items to carry with you;

A good camera with extra batteries: It is for taking or capturing the beautiful moments that you spend with the Chimpanzees. Since there are a lot of memories, then it is ideal to carry more memory cards and extra batteries.

Poncho/ Rain Jacket: the weather of the tropical rainforest of Kibale Forest is unpredictable meaning that it can rain at any given time. So always carry a poncho that will prevent getting wet during Chimpanzee trekking.

Insect Repellent: it is for spraying on your body to keep away all the bugs and insects during Chimp trekking in the tropical rainforest.

Bottled Water: Since there are long treks, the water is to keep you hydrated at all costs.

Backpack: It is for keeping other essential items that fit in it in one place as they are with you always.

Walking sticks: These give you extra support during Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda if in case you are on slippery trails. They work as a third leg.

What to Wear on Chimp Trekking in Kibale Forest? | What To Wear for Chimpanzee Safaris in Uganda?

Tracking Chimpanzees is a must-do activity for every traveler during their Uganda tours. However, one needs to know what they can wear when going Chimp trekking.

Below is what you can wear for Chimp trekking.

Long-sleeved shirts and trousers: These are to protect you from thorny bushes and itchy plants as well as insects that you may be allergic to. They can also keep you warm in case it is cold in the tropical rainforest.

Light comfortable hiking boots: Always wear boots that cover your ankles and they protect your feet from dangerous piercings. They also keep you stable on slippery trails and keep your feet dry.

Garden gloves: These are to protect your hands from itchy and thorny plants and also from direct contact from dirt during Chimp trekking.

Sunglasses: Will limit the direct sunlight that comes to your eyes.

A hat: it protects your head from direct sunlight rays.

Chimp Trekking VS Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda is a primate destination where travelers on Uganda safaris can see the primates in their natural habitats. Uganda is a tourist destination where you can track the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees in one Uganda safari tour.

This country has almost half of the world’s Mountain Gorillas with the highest number of Gorilla groups and it has the highest number of Chimpanzees.

However, one can be comparing Chimpanzee tracking to Gorilla tracking. These are two unique experiences that one enjoys. But how are these two different, we are going to look at the various aspects that make Chimp trekking different from Gorilla trekking.

  • Cost Of Chimpanzee Trekking Permits Vs Cost Of Gorilla Permits

The Chimpanzee trekking permit in Uganda is $200 for Kibale Forest whereas the Gorilla trekking permit is $700. This means that Chimpanzee permits (permits chimpanzee trekking) are not even half the price of Gorilla permits

For habituation experiences, the Chimpanzee habituation experience permit goes for $250 and the Gorilla habituation experience is for $ 1500.

  • Time for Trekking the Primates

Trekking is done twice a day which is in the morning and afternoon hours in Kibale Forest National Park whereas Gorilla trek is experienced once a day which is only in the morning as Mountain Gorillas tend to move deeper in the forests.

Chimpanzees spend more time in a given place, unlike Mountain Gorillas which move at any time to new areas.

Gorilla trek is usually between 2-8 hours yet Chimp trekking is usually 2-5 hours.

However, all visitors doing either Chimpanzee or Gorilla trekking are permitted only 1 hour to be in the presence of the apes.

  • Distance Compared

Gorilla trekking is experienced in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Parks for seeing Mountain Gorillas which are in the far southwest of Uganda. A drive from Kampala or Entebbe is about 10-11 hours as scheduled flights take an hour.

However, Kibale Forest Park (the primate capital of Africa) is about 5-7 hours from Kampala or Entebbe. Kyambura Gorge is about 7-8 hours almost the same to Kalinzu Forest and Budongo Forest is about 5-6 hours.

  • Number Of People Trekking

Visitors going for Gorilla trek should know that only 8 people are allowed to trek one Gorilla family per day whereas only 6 are permitted to a Chimp troop (Chimpanzee community) per session.

Chimpanzee Trekking Vs. Chimpanzee Habituation

Both Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda and Chimpanzee habituation have you meet the endangered Chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda involves walking through the tropical rainforest in search of habituated Chimpanzees and spending some time with them. And,  habituation involves the slow introduction of Chimpanzees to human presence.

When you trek the Chimpanzees you only be with them for 1 hour and Chimpanzee habituation is a full-day experience.

Also, Chimp trekking is at a fee of $200 in Kibale Forest National Park and Chimpanzee habituation goes for $250.

Chimpanzee habituation is a full-day experience whereas Chimp trekking takes about 2-5 hours.

Why Do Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda? | Why Go for Chimpanzee Safaris in Uganda

Chimp trekking is among the best adventures to experience while on a Uganda tour. However, many tourists ask themselves why they should do Chimp trekking.

  • Benefits to the Tourists for Doing Chimpanzee Safaris

Meeting the Chimpanzees creates a soft touch, and you will be amazed by their behavior. You get to see other, unusual primates, bird species, other animals, and many plant species.

Also, Chimp trekking can help you know your fitness levels as you can go on longer treks into the forests.

  • Benefits to the Chimpanzees

When you book your Chimpanzee safari and buy a Chimpanzee permit, the money is used for Chimp conservation.

Also, some of the money is used for the treatment of Chimpanzees that are injured especially in Kibale Forest, Ngamba, Kalinzu Forest, Budongo Forest, etc.

  • Benefits to the surrounding communities

When a tourist goes chimp trekking, 20% of the trekking fee is donated to the local communities. The money is then used to help communities develop themselves, such as by building schools.

Chimp trekking requires the services of rangers and porters which gives them jobs.

Also, Chimp trekking provides forex exchange to the country as tourists buy the chimpanzee permits using foreign money.

List of the Best Chimpanzee Safari Tour Operators in Uganda

This list is based on the Chimpanzee safari tour operators’ experience, reviews, and recommendation ratings. The listed safari companies will offer you the best Chimp trekking safari packages.

Below are the best Chimpanzee safari tour operators in Uganda to use.

  1. Prime Safaris And Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Safari Uganda Safaris
  4. Uganda Birding Safaris
  5. A Uganda Safari
  6. Gorilla trekking Uganda
  7. Gorilla Safaris and Tours
  8. Africa Safaris Tours

Top Chimpanzee Tours in Uganda | Best Chimpanzee Safari Packages

Chimpanzee safari packages in Uganda will take you to the best places to meet the apes and enjoy primate safaris.

Below are the top Uganda Chimp tours;

2 Days Chimp Trekking Safari in Uganda

3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda Kibale National Park

4 Days Uganda Safari, Chimp Trekking, Wildlife Safari Uganda Tour

5 Days Uganda Primates Safari –Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Chimpanzee Trekking Tour In Kibale Forest

5 Days Uganda Safari –Chimp Trekking and Wildlife Viewing

7 Days Uganda Safari

8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

9 Days Uganda Tour

10 Days Best of Uganda Safari

12 Days Uganda Safari

14 Days Uganda Safari

15 Days Uganda Safari Vacation

16 Days Uganda Safari Trip

18 Days Uganda Safari Tour

In summary, Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda take you to several designated areas to meet with the Chimpanzees in their natural habitat. You get to engage in Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda and Chimp habituation experiences.

Chimpanzee safaris in Uganda can be combined with wildlife safaris in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, birdwatching safaris in Semuliki Wildlife Reserve and other areas, Gorilla safaris, etc.

For Outstanding Chimp Trekking Safaris in Uganda, Please Inquire