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Chimpanzees to promote tourism in Uganda.-Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

chimpanzee in uganda

Chimpanzees are mainly located in Kibale National park which is located in the western Uganda, these interesting animals are so related to human beings since they are good at imitating each and every thing done by the people. They have attracted many chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda which has helped in increasing the revenue of the country.

They are mostly trekked between one to 6hours and the tourists are given one hour to stay with the primates since they are good animals which provide adventurous experience to the visitors which help in encouraging chimpanzee safaris to Uganda.

Chimpanzee safaris are also done in Queen Elizabeth National park which is found in the western Uganda, specifically in Kyambura gorge which is located inside the park. This gorge has attracted many tourists to come for chimpanzee trekking tours to Uganda which has helped in developing the tourism sector and at the same time developing the country.

Chimps can also be trekked at Budongo while carrying out the Pabidi walk, these chimps at Budongo can be accessed mainly when the tourists visit Murchison national park and the trek becomes one of the activities that visitors engage in while on the safari.

Revenue from chimpanzees has greatly developed the country and this has helped in the development of the tourism sector and also the development of the country. The revenue comes from the increasing numbers of safari visits to Uganda.

Apart from the chimpanzee safaris, there are also mountain gorilla safaris, birding safaris, wildlife safaris and many others which are participated in by the tourists who visit Uganda

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