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Climbing and trekking the volcanoes-Rwanda Safari News

volcanoes climbingRwanda a country of thousand hills is the best climbing and trekking destination as earlier described by the French traveller while on her safari to Rwanda Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey on his own words expressed that the heart of Central Africa is so high up that hikers first have to shiver before they sweat and this great experience to the experienced hikers.
The stunning volcanoes indeed prove as an evocative example for a guided climb. As hiker makes his or her way along the ascents, trekker will pass through various types of natural vegetation and this ranges from thick green bamboo forests as well as the rare giant lobelia plant species which are only in places with high altitude especially in the alpine meadows. The most significant reward especially if the weather is very favorable, visitors on Rwanda safari can enjoy beautiful spectacular views of the mountain surroundings.
Travelers on Rwanda safaris and tours interested in hiking experience to climb and trek the prominent Visoke Volcano and mountain Karisimbi and the two Volcanoes offer climbers various routes to climb to the peak of any of the two virunga volcanoes. The treks usually take time of approximately two days to reach to the summit. During this hike guides are provided to direct climbers and also potters help to carry climbers hiking equipment. The climbing activity leads the tourists through the interesting natural vegetation but climbers are requested not cut down the trees but they can set fire in the designed camp site.
The most exciting bit of trekking and climbing the volcanoes is that visitors are awarded abundantly with various opportunities to view the different unique species of Primates such as the golden monkeys, Chimpanzees as well as human like brother the gorillas that form the ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Besides the primates, climbers will also have the chance to watch the mainly common herbivores living in the Volcanoes Park.
Climbing and trekking the Volcanoes while on a safari in Rwanda also offers visitors an assurance of the inspection of the hollows of trees for example hydraxes as well as genets, and forest poached rats. The trek further avails the trekkers with a precious opportunity to enjoy bird watching in the different zones when one is climbing from one zone to another and among the rare species one can see are francolins, as well as the various hawks and buzzards and also the wax bill.
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