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Combined efforts to save Lake Victoria- Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

lake victoria UgandaLake Victoria is Uganda’s great attraction which has attracted many tourists who have decided to come for safaris. This is because the lake is considered to be the second largest fresh water in the world.

The lake plays many important ecological roles for Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania, since it has got fresh waters; it has attracted many safaris to Uganda. There are many activities which can be engaged in by the tourists who visit the lake, these include; spot fishing, swimming, boat cruises and many others.

Even though, this lake has got many roles to the tourism sector, it has been degraded especially around the Murchison bay , this area, the waters of the lake have turned green which indicates high levels of pollution , this has affected the numbers of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda, Since the lake has been poorly managed.

This has mainly been due to the high degradation of swamps such as that of Kinawataka which was mainly for waste water treating in the lake. This means that the cost of treating water for domestic and industrial use has increased, all this has led to increased pollution hence affecting the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda.

Another issue which is affecting the lake is the inadequate knowledge on environmental issues. The pollution problem will only worsen as the population grows fast, straining the lake’s fragile and perennially under financed waste-handling capacity. The government has to come up to control the pollution which is affecting the lake in order to increase the number of safaris with in Uganda; this will help in increasing the revenues of the country.


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