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Come close with Rwanda’s mountain Gorillas – Uganda Safaris

monkeys-primate safaris rwandaRwanda has a total of 500 mountain gorillas, and these are mostly trekked in the volcanoes National Park. Many gorilla trekking safaris have been carried out in this park, which has helped to increase the revenues of Rwanda.
It was noted that over 23,000 tourists have travelled to Rwanda to track mountain gorillas, hence making tourism the third – best source of job creation to the people of Rwanda. The reason why gorilla trekking safaris have increased in Rwanda is that, Rwanda Development Board have worked hard to market and promote the sector to the outside world.
The Kwita Izina, which is a naming ceremony for Rwanda mountain gorillas, has greatly attracted many visitors who have visited Rwanda, hence increasing gorilla tracking safaris / tours to Rwanda.
Like in Uganda, gorilla trekking rules don’t change, since only 8 tourists are allowed to visit a particular group; this is done to promote the conservation and preservation of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
Dian Fossey was a great conservationist who worked hard to see that these mountain gorillas survived and they can be tracked by the visitors in Rwanda. Her grave is always visited by many people who have helped to increase gorilla tracking tours to Rwanda.
Rwanda as country has been able to develop its tourism sector due to the presence of good roads in the country and those that led to the tourist destinations, Rwanda has marketed and promoted the tourism sector, hence increasing the number of gorilla safaris to Rwanda.
Rwanda’s gorillas are charismatic primates and friendly, the so called Bonilla, who is from Guatemala moved to Rwanda with his family so as to manage gorillas with the protection programmes, this has helped to protect and preserve the mountain gorillas. Many gorilla visits have been attributed to these gorillas because they are beautiful animals.

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