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uganda wildlife toursThe world’s second largest antelope is the common or the cape eland which measures over 1.8m in height and which can be bulkier than even a buffalo is one of the most treasured wildlife products on Uganda safaris. First pronounced in 1766 by Simon Peter Pallas, this Uganda safari offer belongs to the family Bovidae and a mature male can stretch up 942 kg. The average range of their size is between 500 – 600 kg for males and 340 – 445 for females making it the second to the giant eland in terms of largest antelopes in the world.  The eland – which can be seen on safari in Uganda, has rather bovine appearance; fawn brown in color with large dewlap and short, spiraled horns and in some cases light white stripes on its sides. Like any other antelope species usually encountered on Uganda safari, the eland are primarily herbivorous with grass and leaves forming their delicacy. Though they live in herds which can even stretch up to 500 animals, they do not designate territories. Because of their love for vegetation, elands opt for areas with a range of flowering plants such as woodlands, savannah, montane and open grasslands and they desist from thick jungles – a reason they are spotted without a lot of hassle while on safari in Uganda. Its milk is very nutritious; no wonder it has been domesticated in many areas except Uganda. The common eland occurs in open habitats throughout eastern and southern Africa. In Uganda, it is more likely to be seen in Mburo National Park but also occurs in Kidepo and Pian Upe Wildlife reserve. This great antelope species can be incorporated in your Uganda wildlife safari or alongside trekking safari in Uganda.

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