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Community tourism to be promoted by the Government – Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours

Uganda safaris are mainly attracted to community tourism because of its special features which attract tourists to Uganda; therefore the government has come up with a frame work to train local people to engage in community tourism, said by Hon Maria Mutagamba, the Minister of Tourism, wildlife and Antiquities.

Hon. Maria Mutagamba also emphasised the importance of developing capacity of the people to start using what they have locally to attract tourists. In other words, this will help in attracting more tourists to take up tours to Uganda hence improving community tourism.

Community tourism is one way of marketing Uganda, and Uganda has got one of the richest and most unique cultures in the world and so it’s important to make use of it in order to attract more tourists to Uganda.

The minister added that the concept of community tourism is not well understood in Uganda and so emphasise has to be put in training people on how to package our products in a way that can attract the attention of tourists. This will entirely help in promoting safaris in Uganda.

Working closely with experienced people like Baryamujura will help in sensitising Ugandans about the importance of community tourism; the people will come to understand that community tourism is where people with in their communities use the materials available to them ; things like food, culture, housing, environment as tourist resources for foreign visitors.

With the experience of Baryamujura, the community tourism consultant and founder of executive director of community based tourism initiatives (COBATI) tourism non- profit organisation, community tourism will be improved in the tourism sector thus attracting more safaris to Uganda.

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