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Completion of Kasubi tombs in 2018

In Uganda’s history, Kasubi tombs has been one of the biggest tourist sites. Kasubi tombs is seated on 64acres of land in Kasubi Nabulagala Rubaga division. Six kilometers from Kampala city. This site has greatly contributed to the development of Uganda through the tourism sector. Through different Uganda safari tours/Uganda safaris/safaris in Uganda, it has contributed over 400million Uganda shillings annually from tourists.

Did you know that the Kasubi tombs was the most holy place in Buganda! If privileged to have a safari to Uganda, you will learn that the tombs were spiritual grounds that were used in communicating to the spiritual world.

A brief about the site…

Kasubi tombs is a tourism site owned by the kingdom of Buganda. This site possessed various royal regalia’s, cultural items like fighting weapons etc. and also has remains of different fallen Buganda Kings(leaders). Daniel Mwanga II, Mutesa I, Edward Mutesa II and Daudi Chwa.

It’s interesting that at the tombs, there were special cultural rituals that were performed in times of different functions and other ceremonies. Kasubi tombs was also a sign of territorial making in the kingdom.


Unfortunately, in the month of march 2010, Uganda got a big blow when kasubi tombs was torched down by some heartless people. This left a big hole in the tourism sector of Uganda. Most of the things that were in the tombs got badly damaged to the point of no return.

But thanks to the government of Uganda and the Buganda kingdom, an immediate action was taken to reconstruct the tourist site and to give it a new face. The Uganda government committed 1bn Uganda shillings to help in the reconstruction. But they had budgeted for 4bn shillings which seemed not to be enough for the reconstruction. Through the different strategic plans put in action, they have managed to move the construction at a faster pace amidst all the difficulties including the various rituals that have to be performed.

On the annual tour for  the  Katikiro of Buganda (prime minister), he  announced that the kasubi tombs will be completed before the end of the year 2018. Through he’s endeavors of the etofari campaign which was initiated in 2014, the katikiro has managed to accumulate over 8bn Uganda shillings that has helped support the construction project and other major on-going activities being done in the Buganda kingdom.

UNESCO also provided firefighting equipment’s, water tank reservoirs and many other fire measure safety equipment’s that total up to around 1bn Uganda shillings. They are to be installed at the site.

The katikiro thanked the construction committee, the central government, Buganda government, the Kabaka of Buganda and all persons who take part in seeing the project move on. He encourages them to press on till its completion. He says that the completion of the kasubi tombs construction should be the biggest fruit achieved come end of 2018.

Did you know!

The kasubi tombs is one of the biggest tourist sites in Kampala. Uganda is a very big country that has quite a multitude of tourist attractions and centers. But besides the kasubi tombs, you can have safaris to Uganda in different interesting places. If you want to go for a Uganda gorilla safari tour, you can visit Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and many others.

Article by  Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Completion of Kasubi tombs 2018  – Uganda safari news.


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