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Conservation for Tourism – Uganda safari News

gorillas Conservation is so vital in the development of tourism with in the country and this is mostly encouraged by the government of Uganda, Uganda is blessed with many national parks which have got many wildlife species, these have greatly attracted many people to come and enjoy the safari visits with in the country. Some of the national parks include; Queen Elizabeth national park, kibale national park, Bwindi impenetrable national Park and many others.

Many conservation projects have been carried out in order to help in protecting the wildlife with in the country especially in the national parks. These include; encouraging the participation of the local people to also help in the conservation of the wildlife species with in the national parks, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has also put in place lots of rules and regulations which are to help in controlling poaching with in the country. This will help in encouraging the number of people to come for safaris to Uganda.

Tourism is a vital sector with in the country and so it needs to be c conserved so that it can be preserved for the future. This is because many people have continued to travel to Uganda so as to enjoy the pearl of Africa and also to help in attracting more safari tours to Uganda.

Uganda has got many tourist attractions which are loved by the tourists who come to safari Uganda and these include; the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, bird species, culture and many more which are found in Uganda.

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