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Conservation less priotised with tourism money – Uganda safari news

chimpanzees in UgandaThe revenue that is generated from tourism globally has been noted to be enough to support the conservation efforts of the same protected areas that are always visited by the travelling world including those that undertake safaris in Uganda.
The study that was carried out with support of various scientists including Matt Walpole who is the Programme Director at the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Center stationed in the United Kingdom calls for increased expenditure of the revenue generated on the conservation efforts so as to ensure biodiversity continuity as well as continuity of safaris including Uganda safaris and tours.
The paper which was published on 24th February 2015 in the PLOS Biology had estimates that the protected and conservation across the world generate $600 billion but it is unfortunate to note that only $10 billion is spent on conserving in these areas along with their biodiversity.
The sustainable bio diversity use is maintaining natural capital that would definitely contribute to local and national development but not hindering it. The protected area effectiveness has close relation with the level of investment. But unfortunately the budgets for these protected areas management tend to be insufficient to run these areas effectively and yet they generate much more than what is needed.
The Mountain gorillas which are always encountered on gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and Rwanda are natural treasures and visits to such sites would generate extra support for conservation for tourism.
Therefore it is recognized that there is need to consider the revenues that is generated by parks to the local economies part of which would support the conservation initiatives.

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