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Conservation of Chimpanzees to promote Tourism – Uganda Safaris & Tours

chimpanzeeChimpanzees are considered to be the largest primates and they are mostly found in Kibale National Park, Kyambura Gorge and in Budongo Forest. These apes have greatly attracted many chimpanzee tracking safaris to Uganda which has helped to promote tourism development in Uganda.

Some Chimpanzees are conserved and protected at Ngamba Island which is located in Mukono district. The sanctuary harbors many chimpanzees which have helped in increasing the numbers of tourists who come for chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda.

The Island has many chimps and these have continued to face problems of extinction, and therefore they need to be conserved and preserved in order to promote tourism in future. The management of this Sanctuary should come up with proper strategies of encouraging the neighboring communities to stop encroaching on the Island in order to protect the habitats of the chimpanzees; this will however help in attracting more tourists to come for chimpanzee safaris to Uganda.

As noted, the sanctuary is facing bigger expenses of food to the chimpanzees which has led to reduced numbers in reproduction of the new ones hence a problem to Tourism in Uganda. The cost of food is expensive to the management and there needs to be direct support from the government so as to increase on the development of Tourism in Uganda thus helping in increasing safari visits to the national Park.

The sanctuary also has a challenge of low incomes due to reduced numbers of tourists who visit the island; this has proved a problem since many projects are not attended to due to the lack in money by the management. This has affected the development of tourism in the area leading to reduction in the number of tour visits to the sanctuary.

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