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Counting Hippos in Queen Elizabeth national park – Uganda Safari News

hippoThe counting of these animals in Queen Elizabeth National park is mostly done in order to know the number of wildlife species which are found within the specific national park. The hippo census is undertaken once in 2 years and it helps in monitoring the population of the Hippos in the national park, these animals have also attracted many people to come for safaris to Uganda.

 The census also provides a great opportunity for the many tourists who are also interested in managing animal programs; this can also help in encouraging the tourists in participating in sustainable tourism development. The hippo census is referred to as the process of counting of these animals with in their habitants, these include water bodies, rivers, ishasha and also in Kyambura Gorge, this will help in improving conservation methods by the park management which will help in increasing the number of people who come for safari tours.

 The census was recently conducted in kazinga channel and this helped in estimating the population of these animals and this also helped in attracting more international and domestic tourists to Queen Elizabeth national park, this will also encourage them to participate in other activities which are carried out with in the park.

 The park has also got many other tourist attractions which have continued to attract more people to visit the park, these include; the boat cruise on kazinga channel, chimpanzee trekking in kyambura gorge, game drives, nature walks, and many more , these have continued to attract more people to come for safari visits to Uganda.

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