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Crafts in Uganda-Uganda safari News

crafts made in ugandaUganda has a lot of cultural products that are done and among these it also concentrates on arts and crafts as a source of income. This is done by different tribes of Uganda and tourists always buy these crafts while on their safaris in Uganda. This has therefore increased the standards of living of these people therefore making Uganda a better place to live hence more Uganda safaris.

The local people make the crafts out of the local materials.  This amazes many tourists on Uganda safari as they see many local crafts. The activity has been done for many centuries as it is passed on to others each generation. This has therefore made handcraft outstanding from any other business therefore attracting many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda.

Different categories of people engage in producing crafts but most especially it is the widows, orphans, disabled who concentrate much on producing crafts that tourists on Uganda safaris buy. The different crafts produced are jeweleries, baskets, bangles, pottery, toys, leather products and so many others. These attract the attention of tourists on their safaris in Uganda which they buy to take to their loved ones  hence contributing to the development of Uganda’s economy.

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