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Having cultural encounter with the Kabaka’s trail in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

nagalabiKabaka’s trail provides an opportunity for tourists who are spending their safaris in Uganda to have full memorable cultural encounter while in the capital city of Uganda i.e. Kampala. Tourists on Uganda safaris and tours encounter the interesting traditional culture of the Buganda kingdom which is the oldest kingdom in Uganda.
Taking safari to Uganda will enable you to tour to  the six interesting cultural sites that make up the Kabaka’s trail and exploring this wonderful trail enables one to witness the interesting social aspects of the Ugandans which will be exhibited through artifacts, traditional meals, traditional dances, guided walks as well as storytelling. Almost three interesting cultural sites can be visited in day and this can roughly take visitors 8 hour of cultural encounter before breaking to have either delicious Buganda meal or any international meals prepared in the Kampala luxury hotels.
The most interesting bit of having cultural encounter with the Kabaka’s trail is that the visitor will start his impressing tour from the Nagalabi Buddo site which is situated on the Masaka road -Buddo hill. The historical site is the place where the Kings of Buganda are coroneted. While at this place tourists will be taken by the local guide through all the process where the king passes when attaining power. From there, the Uganda safari undertakers are taken to the Katereke prison ditch which is also positioned on the Masaka main road immediately you by-pass  the place called Sangi and in this particular site visitors will have full story of how the Buganda kings prepared a prison ditch for his own brothers so that they could not take over power from him and in this site who ever tried to escape was bitten by the snakes or killed. The other interesting part of the site is that on the road to the site visitors will be taken to the place where the 1900 Buganda agreement was signed.
The other impressing sit is the Suna II Wamala tombs which is just located at distance which can be cover with in thirty minutes’ drive from Kampala along Hoima road found on hill top and visitors should not miss to visit Namasole Kanyange cultural Centre which is the tomb of the popular queen mother of King Suna the second while on their safaris in Uganda.
The Uganda safari tour destination also offers chance to visitors to tour the Ssezibwa falls heritage site which is one of the sites in the Kakaba trail. The ancient valuable place is of interest because it’s where the Buganda king could appoint chiefs and the site is located along Kampala -Jinja route. While at this place visitors are guaranteed of great services offered by Ssezibwa falls resort and also the local people participate in different ritual activities as well as sacrifices done with various traditional shrines located in the rocky area.
The last site which makes experience to exceed visitor’s expectations is the Bagalayaze Heritage Site which is the middle point of the Bagalayaze community and here visitors on Uganda safaris can enjoy the additional traditional performances as well as storytelling from the local guide, tourists can also see and participate in local traditional ways on how they wear the bark cloth crafts.
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