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Cultural Encounter at Wamala Tombs in Uganda-Uganda Safaris News

Wamala-tomb in ugandaSparing time to take safaris and tours to Uganda is really very rewarding because your time and resources will not be wasted but rather paid with true African cultural encounters that are soul touching, inspiring, interesting and above all memorable experiences that will never get off from the traveller’s mind.
The pearl of Africa as earlier named by the worlds significant personality Winston Churchill while on his safari to Uganda, the country is gifted and endowed with different interesting cultural sites which are of valve to cultural tourists interested in knowing the cultural history of the Ugandans before colonial times.
Taking cultural safari tour in Uganda avails the traveller with the chance to have cultural impressing encounter with the Wamala Tomb that is located on the crest of a low hill almost 12km in the northwest direction of Uganda’s capital city Kampala. Wamala Tomb is protected in a traditional thatched domed building which is to attractive and bit slightly smaller and older than its counterpart at Kasubi.
The hill is the traditional palace and sacred resting place of Kabaka Mutesa 1’s father and predecessor Kabaka Suuna. The impressing part of the tomb and also reason as to why visitors should pay tour to the tomb is that it provides a diverse array of royal artifacts, spears, shields, drums and other musical instruments which visitors taking their safaris in Uganda Must see.
The interesting Uganda safaris and tours enable visitors to know in details the exciting history behind the wamala tombs which is displayed in front of the bark cloth drape that veils the tomb its self. On the other side opposite to the major build one can see the former palace and tombs of the Suuna’s mother, called by the names of Namasole Kanyange, who was described to very beautiful woman accompanied with high ability to influence.
The country made up of many tribe means that a visitor on Uganda safari will not only be limited to Wamala tombs but he or she can be taken around to visit other interesting cultural sites such as Kasubi tombs, Uganda museum which has collection of almost all tribes different art and craft, also visitor will have chance to visit Nagalabi coronation site where the Buganda kings are coroneted among others.
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