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Cultural encounters in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

batwa people-ugandaUganda dubbed the “Pearl of Africa” due to its unique natural, historical, cultural attraction is number one destination known to many travellers as the gorilla trekking destination and many tourists who undertake safaris to Uganda come to encounter the mountain gorilla’s and few have taken time to explore the different cultural endowment of the country. What potential travelers planning safaris to Uganda should know is that Uganda‘s attractions are not only centered in the parks but the country has lucrative cultures which can offer you memorable experience. The lucrative cultures in Uganda root back in the early 14th century when the different kingdoms where established in country. In terms of local people, the country is only country in the whole of Africa blessed with local people who well come strangers like their dear relatives. The Ugandans are so hospital people and hence making it the best country where travelers can have the best cultural encounters on the land of the African.
The unique destinations where travelers on Uganda safaris and tours can have life time cultural encounter experience include Kampala the Capital city of Uganda. The city which is destination of its own has variety of cultural attractions and among the cultural sites in Kampala includes Uganda national Museum which has collection of all the historical information of all the tribes in Uganda, the history of the country right from the time it attained independence. Kasubi tombs, which is also considered UN heritage site is remarkable site where you can meet the tombs of the first Kings of the Buganda Kingdom. Sseziwa falls, in Mukono also considered to be scared site for the Buganda people who occupy the central park of Uganda. The place is frequented by the local people seeking for spiritual blessings from the ancestors. Therefore for travellers looking for destinations in Africa where they can have wonderful cultural encounters, they should look no than Uganda the pearl of Africa because it’s the only country where you can meet more than enough cultural sites and unique cultural beliefs. The best way of having memorable cultural encounter is by booking safaris to Uganda.
Uganda is blessed with different tribes composed of unique Traditional performances exhibited in Dance and drama. Taking safari tour to Uganda will enable you to experience the authentic traditional dances, drama that is one important aspect that is spread in all the different tribes found in Uganda. The country has cultural music galleys that are organized in all the different parts of the Uganda. In the past years, drums were mainly used as common means of community communication and in the present day, drums are used mainly in fellowship places. Undertaking safari Tours to Uganda’s national theaters, cultural troupes like Ndere troupe village as well as Bagalayaze Namansole, and Aragon local band can offer you the best test of Ugandan local dances, drama, local music performances.
In conclusion, Uganda is the only remarkable destination in African where you should visit for memorable cultural encounters.
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