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Cultural Encounters in Queen Elizabeth national Park-Uganda Safari News

queen elizabeth national parkQueen Elizabeth national Park is the second largest national park in Uganda and for long the park has been known for its diversified tourists attraction mainly vegetation, wildlife which have been acting as pull factors for the many safaris and tours to Uganda particularly to Queen Elizabeth National. Most of the travellers under taking safaris in Uganda request their travel agents to book for them activities in national parks and among these include game drives, bird watching and few visitors have always showed interests to have cultural encounters with the local people living around Queen Elizabeth National Park and yet this is a memorable experience which each and every visitor should request their travel agents to include on their itinerary while on Uganda Safari.
Uganda Safari destination of Leopard Village situated near the village of Muhokya is community owned development initiative that plays role of promoting wild life and cultural conservation through activities of Eco-tourism. Visitors to this place are rewarded by taking tours to the traditional huts of the Banyabindi as well as the Basongora and Bakonzo groups of people who constitute the number of tribes living near the park. Spending some time conversing with these local people enhances the visitors experience because through the discussions visitors will learn much about the culture, beliefs, and other important aspects of these local people.

Having cultural encounter with the Kikorongo women community is what travellers spending their holiday safaris in Uganda should not miss because the encounter will expose the visitors’ to vibrant performances which involve drama as well as dances and even fire making. Besides that paying visit to Kikorong’s small traditional craft Centre where they make baskets, bowels using local natural materials .The African Art and craft Workshops will enable visitors to gain knowledge of weaving art and craft products such as bowels, baskets which are made from local materials. The experience is more enhanced when locals show and explain to visitors how they recycle magazines into proper new papers.
Cultural encounter with Katwe Tourism Information Centre will give visitors a chance to take tour of the Katwe salt lake which support a lot of wildlife .The interesting aspect of this Centre, is that it enables visitors who spend their Uganda safari in Queen National park to have a touch interesting experience of how salt mining is conducted. During the process of Katwe walk visitors will have chance to view and take sits in any of the traditional homesteads, and here they can have experience of preparing local traditional cuisines of the great western region in Uganda.
Tourists planning their safaris and tours to Uganda should not miss cultural encounter with the Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community because here one can pay visit to local attractions like cultural museum, historic cave and the protected Banyaruguru hut which is decorated with different interesting artifacts and also enjoy the views of the Crater Lake.
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