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Cultural Experiences in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

rwanda's cultureRwandan people are so much attached to Music and dance which they consider to play vital role in their traditional culture of the local people in Rwanda. Therefore while on your Rwanda safari tour, do spare some time to explore the unique cultures that is attached to the local Rwandan people.
The cultures in Rwanda are exhibited in Performances that range from demonstrations of courage and greatness, to amazing dance styles and lyrics, all these can be enjoyed by any traveler who books safaris to Rwanda.
The cultural songs performed in Rwanda are often accompanied by the sounds of traditional solitary lulungaa harp. This makes listening these more interesting and forms part of unique experience which cannot be elsewhere in Africa apart from Rwanda the land of thousand hills. The most dances enjoyed by different travelers while on their safaris tours to Rwanda are backed by traditional drum orchestra, which typically consists of seven to nine individual members who together team-up to produce a hypnotic as well as an exciting explosion full of intertwining rhythms.
While on Rwanda safari tours, do not miss to enjoy the unique cultural dancing performances because the activity is considered to be the best rewarding to travelers because it offers cultural experience about Rwanda’s dynamic traditional musical and rare dancing styles. The best way to enjoy these dances is by visiting Intore dance Troupes which was established some centuries ago and hence it’s more experienced in performing the traditional dances. Rwanda’s outstanding Cultural Troup Intore which literally means the Chosen Ones form one of the best cultural dances that can provide the best cultural experience to any tourists on Rwanda safaris.
Cultural experiences in Rwanda can be best enjoyed in different cultural villages like Iby’Iwacu cultural Village in Musanze that stage live dance performances to various visitors on their safari tours to Rwanda. Besides cultural villages, one can also visit museums where they tend to organize cultural performances and even in accommodation places some traditional performers are invited to perform for visitors especially in the evenings and weekends.
In addition, the cultural experiences can also be explored and enjoyed in different Art and Crafts Centre’s in Rwanda. More differently from others, most of the Rwandan craft is made traditional by use of local cow dung paintings that are sourced from a local co-operative in Nyakarambi village. Culture is also showed in Rwanda through weaving as well as basket making and hence visit some women groups which participate in weaving activities will expose you to cultural experiences.
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