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Cultural tourism potentials in Uganda-Uganda safari News

Uganda is hut house - cultural tourismconsidered as one of the best country with quality of culture and it has not been really exploited to its best. This would provide an opportunity to the tourism sector which will also help in increasing the number of safari visits and the incomes of the tourism sector as well. Uganda has got a variety of culture which is so outstanding   and can also be a source of incomes to the tourism sector.

Uganda is the only place where you can see unique cultural features and these are so useful to the cultural tourism of Uganda. Uganda’s culture is still in its nature state compared to other countries. Uganda has got many cultural sites and these include; the kasubi tombs which is an heritage site, kabaka’s Lake, wamala tombs, bahai temple and many more which have greatly attracted many visitors to come for cultural safaris to Uganda.

 Uganda has also got variety of cultural dances and these are from different tribes including the Baganda, bakiga, banyoro, banyankole, all these dances emphasize to all body parts which makes it unique to other cultural dances in other countries. The western part of Uganda also attracts many tourists due to the long horned cattle which has also attracted many safari tours to Uganda.

However, the government should come up to improve all the cultural sites with in the country since this will help in marketing and promoting them to the outside world. In return it will help in attracting more tourists to visit Uganda so that they can enjoy cultural safaris.

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