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Cultural Wear of Ugandans-Uganda safaris News

culture Ugandans have a decent cultural wear which shows respect of their culture which tourists enjoy while on their safaris in Uganda. These are mainly put on during ceremonies like Introductions, Weddings, Burials and other respective ceremonies. Tourists like putting Ugandan way when they are in Uganda therefore they put on this way. This makes Ugandans happy as the visitors have adopted their culture.

The men put on Kanzus known as tunic in English. The Kanzu is always white or Cream it stops on the floor and they put on a trouser inside and a coat. These make tourists happy while on their Uganda visits. It was first put on by the first Kabaka of Buganda known as Kabaka Ssuuna and after it became the cultural wear of the Baganda men.

 It was originally made from back cloth but now it is made from materials like cotton, silk and linen. Tourists can attend these ceremonies and also put on like Ugandans. This also attracts others tourists to come for safari tours in Uganda and see the beauty of the country.

The women put on Gomesi known as Busuuti which is a colorful long dress. It was originally made from backcloth but the missionaries changed it to silk and satin. The female tourists also fit in these attires and also feel Ugandans. It has short sleeves and a square neckline. The tourists look so smart while putting them on than even the Baganda women. This brings a lot of smiles on the friend’s faces as they go back to their counties hence attracting more tours in Uganda.

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