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Development of Agro-tourism in Uganda-Uganda Safaris News

agricultural safaris in uganda

Agro tourism is the kinder of tourism which encourages agriculture which is combined with tourism, this has been tried in Uganda where by farming has developed as a tourism product, this has attracted many safaris to Uganda which has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

Agro tourism includes; growing of crops mainly to act as tourist attractions, these might include; tea plantation, coffee planting, cotton and many more, all these can be grown mainly for tourism and in Uganda, they have been attracting many tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda.

Agro tourism is mainly carried out in western Uganda and this helped in improving the lives of the local people especially those working in the tea plantation since they have earned incomes from the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda.

The government of Uganda has however encouraged the development of agriculture in the country since it will help in solving the poverty issues with in the country, by enforcing this, more tourists will be encouraged to safari Uganda and this will help in expanding the tourism industry.

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