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Domestic tourism development in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

tour gorillasDomestic tourism in Uganda is the type of tourism which is developed so as to encourage the local people to participate in tourism development. Ugandans have not engaged in the tourism development which has reduced the number of safaris to Uganda. This has affected the revenues of the country and also the development of the tourism sector.

Ugandans need to maximize the opportunities which are present with in their country, here Ugandans have to embark on loving making holiday safaris with in their country instead of traveling to other countries for trips, this will help in increasing the revenues of the country and also in developing the country.

Domestic tourism involves visiting the tourist attractions which are found with in the country, these include; the major national parks, the mountains, game reserves and many more which can attract safaris in Uganda. This can certainly help in attracting more tourists especially the Ugandans to participate in tourism.

The government of Uganda, however has put up projects to help in promoting domestic tourism with in the country, this has been done through encouraging the Uganda Wildlife authority to reduce the entrance fees for the local people so that they can be able to participate in Uganda safaris.

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