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Domestic tourism strategies in Uganda-Uganda safari News

Uganda girafe uganda safari attractionsis the pearl of Africa; however the nationals have not put in a lot of efforts in the development of tourism in their own country. Uganda has continuously spent high incomes on Kenya’s tourism which means that the people of Uganda lack love for their country. This has greatly affected the domestic tourism with in the country. This has also affected Uganda safaris.

Ugandans have continuously visited places outside the country but however, they have not cared at visiting the national parks so that the revenues can be retained with in the country. Uganda has greatly spent a lot of incomes on Kenya’s tourism and neglected its own tourism development. This has affected safari tours to Uganda.

Uganda has not invested in its tourism; this has been shown in the hotel sector where Uganda has got fewer beds compared to Kenya and other East Africa Countries.Uganda has got many tourist attractions which include; the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, bird species, wildlife spices, city tours and many more, however, the country’s domestic tourism has not yet picked up with in the country. This has reduced the number of safari visits to the country.

This opportunity has not been exploited since there is lack of funds to market local tourism with in the country; this has greatly affected the number of tourists who engage in safari tours with in the country. This has mainly been brought about by the little funds which are allocated to the tourism sector. This cannot be able to finance the projects of the tourism sector.

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