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Drones to Protect the tourism sector in Uganda-Uganda safari News

image of a droneThe Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has mentioned that it will begin using spy drones as one ofthe solutions to stop the rising levels of poaching in its national parks so as to promote  Uganda safaris.

The UWA Executive Director informed Media Owners and Editors in Kampala that they plan to take up the resolution before next year begins so as to increase visits in Uganda. “The new idea we have is to put  total ban on  poaching. We launched a tourism intelligence unit to stop  poaching which I can evidence is excellent. Earlier we shall use spy drones to protect our parks from poachers,” Mr.  Sseguya emphasized. This will assist persuade tours in Uganda.

He emphasized that  the drones will be able to capture images/footage of poachers while in the act, for further review so as to protect tourism attractions in uganda which will lead to increase of safaris in Uganda.He said one drone  will be containing all the necessary equipment including spying cameras

A drone is defined as an aircraft without a human guide on board. Its flight is controlled either originally by computers in the vehicle or under the  control of a pilot either on the ground or in another vehicle.Drones contain  infra-red cameras, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), laser or GPS guided missiles and other systems.

The condition of poaching of wild animals, though  UWA confirms is not out of control, people emphasize it is alarming. A report was registered recently showing that a number of elephants in Uganda were killed in 2011. Therefore quick measures are required to increase safaris to Uganda. Large caches of ivory are regularly impounded at Entebbe International Airport destined for various destinations.

Since its foundation in 1996, UWA inherited the effects of poaching and encroachment of protected areas and has been fighting them for sixteen years now to have better Uganda safaris.Lucky enough, the efforts UWA has put in battling with  poaching yielded fruit as the wildlife numbers have continued increasing hence promoting tours in Uganda.

Statistically, large mammals’ censuses registered that the number of animals  for Queen Elizabeth Protected Area increased. These include elephants, buffaloes, Hippos and Kobs there by increasing visits in Uganda.

In Murchison Falls Protected Area, the population for animals like elephants, buffaloes and giraffes  increased therefore promoting tours in Uganda. It is useful to verify that the killing of elephants for ivory generally shot up worldwide. Therefore communities and the general public are needed to fight it to have a strong Uganda safari.Elephants are usually killed not for meat but for their tusks made of ivory

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