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Early Tourism Players Preparation for a Strict Year – Uganda safaris News

silver back gorillaThe tourism players who are trying to push the government to prioritize Uganda safaris got an opportunity at Serena Hotel during the recent National consultative budget workshops which was held by President Yoweri Museveni. The tourism players were shocked after noticing that among the ten priority sectors in the 2014/15 budget, tourism was not among. This was so embarrassing because the tourism sector is a source of employment opportunities and revenue in the country therefore it has to be developed for further safaris to Uganda.

 After realizing this, the tour operators therefore had to get means of making the government add the sector on the budget and they did so by calling urgent meetings since they have hopes of developing the many tourist attractions in the country such as National parks, craft products and many more. The tour operators cannot do this without the help of the government fixing it on the budget which will help promote the sector hence more tours to Uganda.

There were expectations of an increase in the funds given to the sector because much is needed to be done so as to increase the investments in tourism, however it was surprising when the chairperson announced a cut in the sectors budget. This was unfair to the tour operators who wanted to put more investments in Uganda safaris so as to increase the number of people who travel to Uganda.

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