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Eastern Uganda Tourism to be Promoted-Uganda safari News

giraffe in kidepoTourism has been boosted in many areas of Uganda which has therefore boosted the number of safaris in Uganda. However the eastern part of Uganda has boosted its tourism sector more than any part of Uganda. This has therefore attracted many tourists to tour the area so as to get the best facilities while on their tours in Uganda.

The park found in the eastern part which is the Kidepo Valley National Park has a lot of tourist attractions which have increased safari visits in the area and they include the cultural activities which are performed by the local people, traditional dances, rock hiking, nature walks, game drives, birding and so many others. These are enjoyed by the tourists hence promoting more tour safaris in Uganda.

The National park has a lot of good facilities which include the hotels and lodges which provide better facilities to tourists on their safaris. They have better roads which also service better journeys to the tourists hence attracting them to come for more Uganda visits. The park also has a good weather which makes tourists comfortable and therefore attract them to come and tour Uganda for the most of their times. This therefore has boosted the tourism sector of Uganda hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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