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Eating Habits of the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda – Uganda safaris & tours News

gorillas in bwindi NP Uganda Mountain gorillas mostly feed on foliage, plants, shoots, leaves as well stems, the mountain gorillas like eating shoots in the rainy season since the bamboos at this time are tender and green. These have helped in giving the mountain gorillas good diet hence attracting more gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda. The feeding habits of the mountain gorillas depend on the current group, these usually have three intervals of sleep right after each feeding, these tend to rest after each feeding interval, this helps them to maintain their diet in their habitants, and this has helped in protecting of the mountain gorillas hence helping in attracting more gorilla tracking safaris. The mountain gorillas tend to move so much when there is scarcity of food in their habitants. And also during the rainy season, these primates tend to be so dormant with the activity to do, they keep on moving from one place to another as they look for what to eat, this has helped in maintaining the health of the mountain gorillas hence attracting more gorilla safaris. The adult mountain gorillas feed on about 60 pounds of vegetation on a daily basis, which gives them strength to lead the group members, they usually spend most of their time feeding and resting which helps them regain their strength. This has helped in moving many tourists to come to Uganda for mountain gorilla tracking.

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