Kasyoha – Kitomi Central Forest Reserve

Kasyoha – Kitomi Central Forest Reserve

Kasyoha – Kitomi Central Forest Reserve

The Kasyoha – Kitomi Forest is positioned at 35km from the town of Bushenyi stretching over a geographical spread of 433km2. The reserve shelters counts of wildlife species including chimpanzees though not habituated, Red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, Baboons and vervet monkeys. The Kasyoha Kitomi also shelters impressive crater lakes including the twin lakes of Kyema and Kamweru and Kyema not forgetting Lake Kamunzuku which is a very transparent.

The forest reserve is close to Queen Elizabeth National Park and as a result small mammals like antelopes, duikers, Uganda Kob and bush pigs exist. The eco-tourism initiative was developed by Ndekye Women’s Development Association.

The activities offered to Uganda safari undertakers include; the sightseeing, bird watching, conservation education, canoeing and forest walk. There is a 3 hour trail stretching from Magambo Camp site up to Lake Kamunzuku.

Regarding accommodation, there are camping facilities at Magambo parish headquarters with panoramic views of the twin lakes. Guests are required to come along with the camping gear.  Four wheel drive (4WD) is recommended.

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