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Elephants in Uganda-Uganda safari News


elephants uganda safarisElephants are among the big five animals which attract safaris to Uganda and are found in different National Parks.  These have two species including the Asian elephant and African elephant s. The African/savannah elephants are found in Murchison falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park so tourists on Uganda safaris can see these animals when they visit the park. Elephants are found in the areas of savannah, desert, marshes and forests and they like staying where water is available.

Elephants are normally identified by their long trunks which are used for breathing, lifting water, search for grass, fruits so many others which helps them feed on all the food stuff they want hence having a good health and attract more safaris to Uganda, they have large ears which help in controlling their body temperature, they have incisors which serve as their weapons and the pillars help carry the elephants with their weight hence help in movement.

Elephants have different colors including grey, red and brown. The skin of the elephants has a bad experience whenever they are exposed to heat and therefore they always smear themselves with mud to cool the temperature. The elephants have their limbs vertically so as to top the elephants while walking. They can walk backwards and forward but however cannot jump. These are good animals and serve a unique experience to tourists while on their safaris in Uganda.

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